Managing and administering hundreds or even thousands of devices and software licenses can seem daunting, but it can be challenging for IT teams seeking to reduce downtime for employees and avoid fines related to software non-compliance is important.

Lets have a brief introduction to life cycle of IT Assets.

Life cycle of IT Assets:

Consolidate Assets: Consolidate Assets consolidate your assets with an integrated IT asset management dashboard.

Risk Detection: Risk Detection automate risk detection using asset management tools.

Ticket Insights: Ticket Insights leverage IT asset management to align assets with events.

Discover Assets: Discover Assets automatically discover current assets for the better IT asset management.

View Configurations: View Configurations creates a centralized overview of asset configuration.


What actually is asset discovery?

Study says asset discovery is the process of discovering and collecting data on network-connected technical assets for management and tracking purposes.

These assets can range from hardware devices such as servers to software licenses.


An important reason to collect this type of data is to have a complete and up-to-date picture of your technology landscape, allowing IT to make better decisions moving the business forward.

Benefits of discovering or importing your IT assets into your service desk:

The Software License Compliance: The major benefits of IT asset management is the ability to manage software licenses to keep track of all registered and unregistered software that may be in use at your company.

Helps Employees Aware of Affected Assets: IT teams should have a clear vision and understanding of how your organization's assets support the services that employees depends on.

Identifying the Risks and Associated Incidents: By fully integrating your IT asset management and service desk solutions, technicians can now view asset details directly from incoming tickets or service requests. Asset Discovery identify which devices on your network do not have antivirus installed.

Visibility to Make Data-Driven Decisions Effectively: Asset discovery adds visibility IT needs to make important decisions for the organization – such as how many computers need to be replaced. You might have a number of related tickets that you notice are all running on older operating systems. By consolidating this data in one centralized location, you can start making the changes you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Avoiding Unnecessary Technology Purchases: Major benefit of scanning your assets is the ability to track how many devices you have in use or are available on a single repository. Also lack of visibility of how many devices are on hand can easily lead to unnecessary purchases due to the absence of data.

Key features and objectives of IT Asset Discovery are:

Enhanced Scanning Techniques

No more Mixed Assets

Manage IT Inventories Across Sites

Aggregate Data to Central Repository

Schedule Automated Scans

Up to Date Asset Information

Functions that IT Asset Discovery performs are:

Identify Fault & Resolve them

Device Management

Asset Maintenance

Configuration Management

Reduce Security Risks

Avoid Unlicensed Software

What is the purpose of the IT asset management practice?

Implementing an IT Asset Management (ITAM) process allows you to cut additional maintenance costs, make better use of licenses, be audit-ready.

ITAM also increase the efficiency of other ITIL processes, reduce the number of unused assets and security risks, make effective purchase decisions, create accurate budgets.


Below IT asset management best practices will help you overcome ITAM challenges, maximize profits, and revolutionize your IT assets.

1. Build your asset inventory by using multiple discovery sources

2. Track the entire life cycle of the asset

3. Manage Software and Licenses in One Place

4. Make ITAM work with other ITIL processes

5. Keep Track of Important ITAM Metrics

6. Conduct IT Asset Audits

7. Continuously Improve ITAM Processes

Objectives of ITAM process

1. Identify the stolen hardware and software applications. As per Gartner, about five percent of property is stolen annually. So to reduce the damage caused by theft, you need to be able to identify and replace stolen components as quickly as possible.

2. Quantify the total value of unused hardware and software applications. This helps optimize asset utilization and cut down on additional maintenance costs.

3. Make a plan for the future. You can assess the adverse impact of outdated hardware on IT and avoid unprecedented losses. It helps you decide on new asset purchases and dispose or repair old equipment.

Benefits of ITAM processes to your IT

1. Provides support to other ITIL processes by providing accurate information about assets affected due to an event, problem or change. It helps in identifying the impact of events and doing root cause analysis.

2. Helps your organization remain compliant, audit-ready, and minimize legal and security risks.

3. Reduces unwanted IT spending by optimizing asset use and controlling IT asset purchases.

4. Provides visibility by providing an in-depth view of your IT environment. It plays a vital role in helping an organization to define and control its IT infrastructure.

Why is asset discovery important?

Here are some advantages of asset discovery.

To gain real-time visibility of your online environment: Dynamic asset discovery reveals all of your live assets, therefore keeping the focus on real risk, also with the full view of your attack surface, you can see vulnerabilities as they are introduced at both web application and infrastructure level, and be alerted to issues before they escalate into serious threats which means you can move away from using endless spreadsheets to monitor assets.


To take control of your network. Threat intelligence uses automated asset-tracking that gives organizations confidence and assurance in their cyber defense by enables them to make better vulnerability management decisions - knowing where their vulnerabilities lie before attackers allow for a better analysis. So, such insight is critical for an organization's efficient threat-response and saves valuable time.

Save your money. In the today's increased risk, it is not efficient to use a combination of defense. Many traditional methods of cyber security are also becoming increasingly obsolete. Live Asset Discovery provides an affordable solution that is tailored to your organization, making protection both easy and cost-effective to achieve.

Ensure the compliance with data security regulations. Its a legal and regulatory requirement to have a security platform connected to your assets.

To be proactive with always-on automated security. To address and counter the threats posed, a more modern, proactive approach to security is essential.

The Harness scalability with asset monitoring. The way business's digital footprint expands, so should its defense - this will help to guarantee that capacity problems don't hinder its response to security incidents. That's why scalable security is a strategy and toolset that can easily protect your system, increasing or decreasing its ability to support large or small loads, subject to variation in demand.

How Can Asset Discovery be of Benefit to Your Organization?

From cloud computing to application transitions in no rush, there are good reasons why companies chose to keep their private networks:

Bad broadband can cause a lot of downtime

Latency issues for business-critical applications

Security concerns

Requirements of have changed

Moving to the cloud hasn't yielded financial benefits

Organization probably wants more control

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