It says, "If given the right shoes, women can do wonders." Women have identifies their potential and achieving success while fulfilling their entrepreneurial dream.

Here are some business ideas for women, through which they can earn a handsome amount by working from home along with managing family. Women start a business from the comfort of their home and make their mark as female entrepreneurs in the business world.

Peoples thoughts for women works

Society made women as they can only do the work as a maid, can be able to work in BPO/Call center, as a nurse, cook, teaching, beautician, receptionist. But they are having more capacity to do than these all jobs. 50 % of population in India is of women who are now having less than 10 % property and less than 1% income on their names.

Women cannot return back to work after maternity. Even having same qualifications like men's.


Male gets selected first as priority than women as people thinks, she is having home responsibilities, will not be able to give her full concentration on work, will not work for extra hours. Although, women in home is handling home budgeting, accounts, finance, taxation, purchases, and HR management like everything se planned to manage her home and family.

Benefits of work from home for Women's

Save Travel Expenses: Work from home for women saves her travel expenses

Time for Family: Work from home for women allow her to give more time to family.

Save Money: Saves her money from daily investments for her own beauty look.

High Productivity: She will be able to give high performance in her work.

Distraction: She will not get distraction while doing work.

Flexible Timing: Can be able on hours suitable to her.

Safety and security: Most important she will feel safe while working.

There are so many traditional business which women do such as dance/music classes, home tuition, beauty parlor, boutique at home, hobby classes, cooking, sewing, embroidery, mehndi, make-up, stuff-toy making, hair styling, etc.

But women can do online business for her talents like if she is a good artist, she can be a designer, can make online business for homemade candles, hand bags, paper bags, jewellery, soap, illustrator, graphics designer, Infographic, e-commerce. Women can sell their own creative stuff through e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, etc. She can do cooking and baking by food creator online service. She can do a Meal Planner business from home.

Women can do a reading and writing business in static web applications. Like she can be a author, blogger and a proofreader, researcher, content writer, Marketing Content, ORM moderator. She can charge for such web task on basis of per word, per page, per hour, per day, per month, per book.

Online business for women from home

Women can do Online Reputation Management job from home to read, like, comments, share delete on social sites like Facebook, articles, feedbacks, reviews, Youtube comments, reply negative comment, delete unwanted comments.

Virtual Assistant work for women

Women can do a work from home job as a virtual call agent.

She can also do a work from home job as a virtual recruiter by searching profiles of candidates for job portal and submits to the boss for hiring.

How to make women work from home success?

Time management is the key. Even work is done at home, a woman needs to be very attentive when it comes to working. It might sound relaxing that you are free to schedule your work anytime you want as per your need. But if you actually start this, you will realize that a fixed routine needs to be followed so as to be more productive to your employers. You are going to get exhausted at the end if you get overly involved all your household work, that typically involves getting up, cleaning, cooking, sending your children to school, you may start your actual work.

You can manage your household work during break time from your work scheduled hrs.

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