What is desktop activity monitoring?

Desktop Activity monitoring is a process of monitoring and analyzing the time properly by observing and recording the time spent on the desktop. You can track the total time spent, idle hours of employees, and time spent on productive vs unproductive applications, Prepare an automatic timesheet.

Why companies are tend to use desktop monitoring software?

Starting from covid-19, the work culture has changed. Almost all small to large enterprises have adopted either work from home or hybrid work culture. When a large workforce is working from different locations, this has some challenges eg Security of data, Control destruction. But it is not fair to say that desktop monitoring tool is only solving these two problems. These tools record every minute of activities eg active applications, web visits, time spent on breaks, time spent on meetings, etc. All this raw data generates a great insightful report which helps organizations properly optimize their workforce, and adopt automation to speed up decision makings.

As per google analytics, searches related to desktop monitoring have increased by 500% in the last two years. People are trying to understand various terms related to monitoring, and how employee monitoring can help in their business etc. I am trying to take some effort to put my view on various terminology aligned with desktop monitoring.

Monitoring tools

Monitoring tools or desktop monitoring tools or employee monitoring tools is a software, which can be installed on users pc to capture screens, active applications, active websites, idle time, and active time. These data further can be used to generate online attendance reports, productivity reports of employee.

Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring helps organizations to understand the workflow, and understand an employee’s activity so that they can give data-based feedback on their performance.

Moreover, employee monitoring tools are a great way to understand a team’s performance, habits, and needs.

If you know how your employees work, you can help them when they need help. Employee monitoring also helps employees to stay focused and connected with their tasks.

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Activity Monitor

Activity monitor Software allows companies to check the activities of their employees by monitoring application usage, as well as any other activities to collect data, analyze and generate in-depth insight.

How to monitor work from home employees?

The most popular techniques to manage and monitor work from home employees are to implement a time tracking system or project management system.

desktop monitoring

Tracking system for employees

Employee tracking system helps management to evaluate the performance of individual employees. This will increases employees as well as organization growth. Top best performance employee can be rewarded which will inturn encourages employees to work more frequently. By employee tracking system for employees, managers can be noticed how employees using their time on a assigned tasks.

Data monitor for PC

Data monitor for PC software helps in managing a remote workforce. With the data monitoring software for remote PC, allows you to detect which apps and websites employees’ are using on their PC. Such monitoring system helps to track project completion, calculating billable hours and setting deadlines.

Working from home monitoring

When it comes to the remote work, questions always comes, how to monitor remote team working from home? Employee monitoring software have various features to keep manager uptodate with each individual remote employee working from home activities done during working hours. Managers can generate login, logout time report, attendance report, work time, active time, break time and idle time report to get information for each project assigned to working from home employees.

Employee productivity tracker

The advantage of employee productivity trackers is the capability to measure the output of work done by employees. Managers can distribute project task to other employee to remove workload and to deliver projects on time to clients. Employee productivity trackers helps managers review individual employee capabilities based on their work performance and speed.

How does screenshot monitor work?

Employee monitoring software has a feature called as Screenshot Monitor which captures desktop screenshot of employees at defined intervals. This feature helps organizations to records the apps and websites used by each employee and the time utilizes for this apps and websites during work hours. So for customer, it will be helpful to generate project billable hours and to alert employees to do not use unwanted apps and websites which is not included in the project work to be used.

Teamob Features

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  • monthly report


  • performance report


  • employees performance reports


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