Monitor Desktop Performance

Real time alert and correction in employees desktop improves overall experience and saves a lot of valuable time of organization. Optimized desktop helps employees to close the assigned task on time and hence increase productivity.

  • Internet Speed Monitoring

    Receive email alert when internet speed is slow than defined threshold.
  • PC Load Monitor

    Watch the load on remote pcs and get real time alert when users the desktop is facing a high load.
  • New Software Install Detection

    Protect your organization from any licensing issues. Get real time alert when a new software detects in users pc.
  • Manage IT Asset

    Get list of all available hardware and software within your Organization.
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realtime incident monitoring

Realtime Incident Monitoring

Destruction of employees may cause a huge cost to the organization. This is important for supervisors/managers to know about the team members who are spending time on destructive applications to make corrective actions on time.

  • Whitelisted Email Monitoring

  • Destructive application Monitoring

  • OCR Based analytics

Available to install on all operating systems

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  • available for Windows

    Available for Windows

  • available for Linux

    Available for Linux

  • available for Mac

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Employee Productivity Insight

Capture and analyze employees' activity.

  • Active vs Idle time

  • Attendance report

  • Productive vs Destructive time analysis

  • Department wise productivity report

  • Behavior analysis

employee productivity insight

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Why desktop monitoring software For Your Business?

Starting from covid-19, the work culture has changed. Almost all small to large enterprises have adopted either work from home or hybrid work culture.
When a large workforce is working from different locations, this has some challenges eg Security of data, Control destruction.
But it is not fair to say that desktop monitoring tools are only solving these two problems.
These tools record every minute of activities e.g. active applications, web visits, time spent on breaks, time spent on meetings, etc.
All this raw data generates a great insightful report which helps organizations properly optimize their workforce, and adopt automation to speed up decision making.

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Is It Ethical To Monitor Employee Computer Usage?

COVID-19 made us rethink work-from-home policies, the employee monitoring industry is booming.
Monitoring practice that is considered unethical, is monitoring employees without their knowledge or consent. To avoid this, always make sure your employees are aware of employee monitoring software.
If possible, create a monitoring policy, including consent forms that will explain in detail what you will be monitoring, which data you will be collecting, how you will store it, and who can access it.
Employers have a well-established legal right to track Web surfing, emailing and other activities by employees using company computers or during office hours.

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Employee Productivity Using
Desktop Monitoring Software