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Measure and boost employee productivity by capturing & analysing users digital activity in real-time. TeamOB is an end-to-end organisational intelligence & data analysis tool available with set of features to view real time dashboard, remote team attendance management, team productivity monitoring, desktop activity monitoring incident alerts and business intelligence reports

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    Available for Windows

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How it Works?

Employee Monitoring

To Keep an eye on your employee regularly is really impossible. To overcome this, TeamOB Employee Monitoring Software can do it for you by tracking users digital activities

  • User Activity Tracking

    Track websites and application visits. Analyze active vs idle time of employee and departments.
  • Regular Screenshots

    Screen capture feature of TeamOB captures desktop screen randomly.
  • Verified Attendance

    Cloud-based solution for tracking remote attendance. View real time dashboard.
employee monitoring

One Solution To Professionally Monitor
& Manage Your Remote Team

  • one business solution - employee monitoring software

    For Business

    Team Monitoring

    Employee Productivity analysis

    Employee Time Tracking

    Real Time Activity Tracking

    Employee Attendance Report

    Employee Time sheet

    Instant Messenger For Team

    Business Analytics For Management

    Compare Productivity Trends Of Department & Team

    Setup Webinar & Meetings

    Analyse Organisational Documents

  • monitoring software for users

    For Users

    Log Your work. Update the Organisation in Real Time

    Measure Your Efforts on Daily/Weekly or Monthly Basis

    No More "guesstimates" For New Quotes

    Easy Access of Daily Performance Data

    Automatic Time Sheet

  • monitoring software runs on various platform


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Top benefits of user activity monitoring & workforce productivity insights Software

Employee productivity Monitoring using time tracking, team monitoring, employee activity tracker, user activity monitoring and desktop monitoring software has brought a tremendous evolution in most of the highly thriving companies in India as well as all around the world. And now assorted companies in India are considering giving this software an attempt because this software does everything that humans can not do at certain times. This help companies in remote team management. Remote employee monitoring is easy with TeamOB! Try it today!

  • Assists both the organization and the individual employee.

  • Nurtures the creation of a structured pattern in the organization.

  • Great for the organizations which are opting for hybrid work models.

  • Evaluates every single entry by the employee without any omissions.

  • Intensifies the productivity level of work and the work accomplished by the employees.

  • Computes the day-to-day work of individual employees without stacking up the work.

  • Neutralizes both the work and personal lives of employees.

  • Enter the login and logout time of the employee.

  • Enables tracking the time taken to accomplish one particular task.

  • It does not invade employees' private space.

employee productivity monitoring

We help employees in their time management

Time management has become a crucial trait in our personal lives as well as in our work lives. We help employee and employer in productivity monitoring, time tracking using team monitoring, employee activity tracker or user activity monitoring software along with remote employee monitoring software.

  • Enables in Employee Time Management

  • Helps out in getting things done on time

  • Improves the productivity of the individual employee

  • Improves the productivity of the overall organization

  • Evaluation of time of the employees

  • Averts the employees from accessing other websites

Reasons to implement Employee productivity Monitoring Software

There are numerous reasons why you should consider implementing employee productivity monitoring, time tracking using team monitoring, employee activity tracker or user activity monitoring or desktop monitoring Software but here we are going to discuss a few significant reasons which will help the company run smoothly with the same token effectively and efficiently.

  • User behavior analysis

  • App/Website Tracking

  • Screenshots and sessions playback

  • Idle vs Active time reporting

  • Improved workflow in the organization

  • Desktop Monitoring

  • Employee Productivity Monitoring

  • BI Reports

  • Remote Team Management

user productivity monitoring

Call Recording &
Lead Management

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Call recording software

Why It is Required?

In an average business owners spend around 40 to 60% of its operational budget on man power. Organizations seek to fill their recruiting funnel with as many candidates as possible but most of time they overlook to identify the delivery capacity of existing teams. This result increase in cost on organization.

How it works
team monitoring

Employee Tracking System

Time tracking is a cornerstone of any business process. It helps uses keep on track of employees work and time. Even though we hate them, deadlines are a reality, and it is necessary to complete a task on time. employee tracking system help to optimize the work hours of employees. Industry to industry there are various methods available to track the productivity of employees. As per your need you can abopt all or few from the below list.

Desktop Monitoring

Desktop monitoring software is a desktop monitoring tool that helps to remotely monitor client pc, screen, server system, networks, computers CPU, net and endpoints. This pc monitoring software helps in monitoring employee pc while working remotely or in office.

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring tools, also known as employee tracking solutions, are designed to track the status of critical IT applications, users computers, networks, infrastructures, websites and more. The best IT monitoring tools quickly detect problems in resources and alert the right respondents to resolve the critical issues.

Computer Monitoring Definition

Computer monitoring programs are used to determine how much time an employee spends on various tasks or applications or websites as well as possible unproductive activities.

Time tracking
Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software manages all employees activities in one place. You can discover each minute report of employee spending time on the tasks. You as a manager keep an eye on each employee without knowing them.

System Tracking

System tracking helps employees to stay more focused since they are more alert about their time being monitored. It also highlights any unnecessary activities leading to time being misused. This makes employees feel more responsible and highly increases their productivity levels.

Computer Activity

Time tracking software monitor user computer activity by capturing snaps for certain define intervals. This feature also helps to identify the idle time for which employee was unavailble on machines to work.

employee monitoring software
How to monitor work from home employees?

Wheather your employee work in office or remotely, now its being easy for you to monitor remote employees from any location with employee monitoring software which tracks employee each activity and generates reports for attendance, performance, etc.

Program Monitor

With task scheduling features of employee monitoring software, you can identify the load of projects thats any individual employee having with is causing to deliver task at delay. In such case, you can distribute such task to other team member to reduce work load and to submit tprojects at exact time.

Tracking system for employees

It is essential to introduced time tracking system to employees. When employees knows that some tracker is tracking their work, they will get to know that how much work-done with the given task as tracking software increase the company as well as employee growth. Employees can easily managed the deadlines by distributing task with the employee monitoring tool.

monitor work from home employees
Employee Productivity Tracker

Benefit of employee productivity trackers is the ability to measure the output of work done by remote teams. It helps employers to decide if the employees assigned to a particular project are able to do justice to it. Time tracking helps managers review individual employee capabilities based on their work performance. It’s useful too, for the remote team members to see how they are contributing to a project and can highlight any issues they may need to work on.

Working from home monitoring

Working from home monitoring is helpful for organization and for the employee itself. Employee can speed up task with the given deadlines this inturn increase their as well as company's growth and productivity.

employee productivity tracker
Communicate regularly with your remote team?

Here are the following ways, that you can manage your remote team.
Required Systems: Check that your remote team has redundant systems to work with.
Expectations from a remote team: Be clear with your team about your expectations of working remotely. The clearer you are, the less misunderstandings will occurs and the work will be on track. What are the expected working hours? What are the priority tasks? What kind of reporting will be required? This should questioned and answered between you and your remote team.
Conduct webinars / online meetings: Establish daily meetings with your remote team to ensure they are still connected. Use virtual technologies as much as possible to See the employee's faces and listen to responsible audio related to their work. Organize webinar sessions weekly. Communicate with your team by sending an email, instant message or by picking up the phone. Provide incentives. Show your confidence to your team by saying phrases like, "This is tough, but I know we can handle it." or "We have got this."

contact regularly with remote team for better communications
Set clear objectives for given task and avoid to do multitasking

Clarity on goals is very important because goals provide people with the drive to do the best they can do. If you are working on certain projects without understanding what you want to achieve or what you need to contribute, you can never expect positive results.
Projects can take on more meaning and purpose if initiated with a goal in sight. Setting clear goals for employees is the most important part of creating a positive work culture.
Even if you plan a lot of activities or add perks, if workers do not have guidance on tasks they need to perform, they would never be satisfied and the deadlines would always stress them.
Talking about deadlines, companies have now started to make efficient use of resources and are striving to make multitasking effective for workers.

set clear objectives for given task and avoid to do multitasking
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