Employee & Workforce Analytics For Your Business

TeamOB employee analytics is a combination of software and methodology that applies statistical models to worker-related data. It takes knowledge of how and when your employee does great work. TeamOB helps you in monitoring & productivity insights of your workplace.

How Workforce Productivity Insight Software Can Help Your Business?

  • Time Tracking

  • Attendance & Shift management

  • Employee Absenteeism Analysis

  • Screen Forensik

  • Task Management with customizable fields

  • Employee Digital Activity Tracking

  • Productivity Management

  • Visual Analytics Platform

  • Incident Management

  • Custom Objects Automation

Data analysis and software are the keys to using employee management to answer strategic questions. Use it to spot trends, analyze performance and monitor these workforce analytics KPI.

Companies might want to improve productivity by limiting distractions, understand the employee behaviours or just want to see where a company's time and resources are going. It is designed to create a visibility around employee activities maintaining productivity calibrations and making work more transparent, focussed and towards the common aim of employee and employer. TeamOB is an enterprise grade product for Windows, Linux & Mac computers. The platform support also gets extended to VDI environments like AWS workspace, Citrix and many more on on-premise & Software as a service.

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  • available for Windows

    Available for Windows

  • available for Linux

    Available for Linux

  • available for Mac

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Access Actionable Data to Create Employee Analytics

Employee Monitoring, Performance Measurement and Improvement

  • Data Collection

    Collect clear, objective data to set a baseline for employee productivity that can be used to assess and improve team performance.
  • Insightful Reports

    Do insightful reports reveal when your employees work best, they do their best work at home, in the office, or a combination?
  • Data Usage

    Track application & websites usage via screenshots to see how much time has been spent on highly productive applications.
  • Employee Productivity

    Use in-depth insight and activity logs to perform employee productivity audits to identify and resolve disconnected workflows, bottlenecks, and inefficient processes.
  • BI Tool

    Use an inbuilt BI tool to collect data from other sources and correlate
  • Business Process

    Time tracking, employee monitoring, desktop activity monitoring and productivity analysis provide great insight of the business process.
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Why Employee Analytics in Business?

The Technological Advancement behind Employee Analytics Software

The evolving world of data and technology demands supervision, a professional approach, and a smooth workforce environment. It is true that this technology-driven world is shifting to a ‘work from home’ culture, and the future opportunities and possibilities of this culture becoming a permanent workforce are huge.
To maintain this stability and ensure supreme productivity, keeping a keen eye on the employees of a company working virtually, situated at different places, and all of them constantly connected over video calls becomes an added responsibility.
This is where the Employee Analytics Software plays a vital role. By involving this software in the company, there can be a great hike in productivity as the software is helpful for businesses in analyzing and monitoring an employee’s performance, and handling the workforce environment.

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Is It Ethical To Monitor Employee Computer Usage?

COVID-19 made us rethink work-from-home policies, the employee monitoring industry is booming.
Monitoring practice that is considered unethical, is monitoring employees without their knowledge or consent. To avoid this, always make sure your employees are aware of employee monitoring software.
If possible, create a monitoring policy, including consent forms that will explain in detail what you will be monitoring, which data you will be collecting, how you will store it, and who can access it.
Employers have a well-established legal right to track Web surfing, emailing and other activities by employees using company computers or during office hours.
At least two-thirds of companies monitor and half have fired employees for Web and email infractions, according to research by Nancy Flynn, executive director of the ePolicy Institute, a Columbus, Ohio, training and consulting firm.

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Employee Productivity Using
Time Tracking Software