Are you ready to revolutionize the way you handle data? TeamOB's Online Database Software offers a comprehensive solution for creating robust and customized database applications without the need for coding expertise. Whether you're managing complex projects, organizing information, or streamlining workflows, our platform empowers you to take control of your data effortlessly.

Low Code/No-Code Solutions for Your Unique Needs

  • Real Time Dashboard

    Design Your Database
    with Ease:

    Effortlessly design your database using TeamOB's intuitive platform. Create tables, define relationships, and structure your data just the way you want.

  • Check Report

    Manage Relationships
    Among Tables

    Seamlessly manage and establish relationships among tables to ensure a coherent and connected database structure.

  • Download attendance

    Define Row-Level and
    Column Name Sharing Rules

    Customize your data sharing rules with precision. Define row-level and column name sharing rules to control access and maintain data integrity.

  • TeamOB Access Control

    Access Control

    Ensure data security with robust access controls. Define user roles and permissions to regulate who can view, edit, or delete data.

  • TeamOb Design Custom Design

    Design Custom Reports

    Generate insightful and tailored reports effortlessly. Customize reports to meet your specific business needs and gain valuable insights.

  • TeamOB Document Procesing

    Support of Desktop EXE to
    Upload Data

    Enjoy the flexibility of uploading data directly from your desktop using our user-friendly desktop EXE support.

  • TeamOB API Access

    API Access of
    Each Custom Table

    Integrate seamlessly with other applications through API access. Connect your custom tables to external systems and enhance interoperability.

  • TeamOB Online Database Software

    Google Sheet

    Sync your data effortlessly with Google Sheets. Leverage the power of collaboration and accessibility with our seamless Google Sheet connection.

  • Teamob Mobile App

    Mobile App - TeamOB
    Online Database Solution

    Access your dynamic apps anytime, anywhere with TeamOB Cloud Db's mobile app.

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