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Setup your cloud call center and manage telecallers effortlessly with 70% less cost than normal dialers.

  • Setup TeamOB - Telecalling

  • Mirror Cell Phone to PC or Call from any free calling softwares eg skype calling

  • Automatic Call Recording

  • Contact Management Screen For Agents to Capture Call Details, View History

  • Call Recording, Call Log & Call Statistics

  • Ticket System, Lead Tracking & Custom Reports

Telecalling call center software

Automate Repetitive Tasks Of Your TeleCalling Process

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  • Define Templates To Send Personalized Messages To Leads

  • Load Caller History To Avoid Repetitive Questions

  • Automatically Assign Leads To Other Members

  • Get Real Time Call Tracking Reports

  • Monitor Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sales Report

  • Send Product Information On WhatsApp or Email

  • Load FAQ For Agents

  • Monitor Performance Of Team Members

  • Design Your Own Analytical Dashboard

Available to install on all operating systems

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Why Call Recording Software Is Important In Telecalling Business

Call recording software allows you to comprehend the situation(conversation) that has happened in the past. This software enables you to determine the hardships of the customers or anyone on the other end, which helps to find a reasonable solution. To understand why call recording software is essential for the business, a company or an organization needs to figure out a bunch of motives that precisely justify the necessity. And here is a list to help you understand the requirement.

Is it worth investing in a call recording system?

Investing in a call center software with a call recording system is certainly the best investment you can make if you are into dealing with customers through calls. It helps in curbing most of the problems that are faced by the customers as well as the employees due to miscommunication or barriers to communication. If you have not already invested in the calling software or call recording software then it is high time you invest and avail the optimum benefits.

We would definitely suggest one to go and invest in a call center software, telecalling management, cloud call center, call recording software, call software For the Office as it comes with a bunch of benefits with reasonable investments and with easy usage. If you are still thinking, then you must right away invest to achieve smooth functioning at your workplace.

Telecalling Call Center Software