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TeamOB BI Report with Intuitive, Visual Analytics For Everyone

With user-based licensing, TeamOB BI meets the needs of all of your users, regardless of their skill set. Our augmented analytics innovations help anyone—from data scientists to business users—uncover insights faster TeamOB BI are designed to put the user first, We believe data analysis should be about simple query and not about learning software. With built-in visual best practices, TeamOB BI enables limitless visual data exploration without interrupting the flow of analysis.

The Right Business Dashboard For Every Use Case

business management


finance & investments


Sales & marketing


human resource


market stock


IT department


Wanted to try analytics dashboard?

Master your analytics journey in one single BI platform

  • connect all data


  • explore data


  • Visualize data


  • Share data with team members


  • Create graphical data


  • monitor your employees


  • data analysis


  • Upload csv of huge data


Available to install on all operating systems

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Why is Business Intelligence Important?

BI helps in turns the enterprise data into actionable information, which in turn helps an organization to take right business decisions at right time.

  • Organization of Data

    As data is everywhere, information no where. Different users have different requirements. For instant: Your format - my format, on demand - on schedule. Reporting takes a long time. Lots of efforts and resources are wasted for making simple changes, data security risk, delivery to business users, multiple versions of enterprise data all these takes time to organized. With BI data can be quickly organized in a graphical view which helps to take quick and good decisions for the benefit of organization.
  • Get Detailed Information

    BI allows enterprises to get a more accurate and detailed picture of the current situation in terms of their business and customers. BI brings visibility to the granular levels of enterprise data. With help of BI, different aspects of business can be linked together.
  • Makes Easier to Understand

    BI makes spotting of trends and patterns easier as enterprise data is presented in rich graphical formats. All business users use the same information.
Business Intelligence

Analytics people love to use

  • Upload

    Upload any kind of excel sheet

    TeamOB automatically identify bucket and save similar data in one bucket

    Query saved data and experiment with graphs

    Create unlimited custom dashboards

  • Dashboard

    Create unlimited custom reports

    Share bucket

    Share dashboard

  • Reports

    Share reports

    Embed reports

    Print/Email your analytical study with team

BI Software Pricing

(Local taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.)

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Recent Posts

Understanding the Step-by-Step Evolution of Business Intelligence & Visual

Companies have depended on business intelligence reporting(BI)—the tools and activities used to evaluate company data and turn it into actionable insights—increasingly in recent years to make better-informed and more valued decisions. This method necessitates gathering as much data as possible through analytical reporting. A visual analytics platform report is a sort of business reporting that evaluates a business strategy or process by analysing qualitative and quantitative company and industry data, allowing management to make data-driven decisions based on facts and analytics. Historically, obtaining the type of intelligence required to do this effectively has been challenging, but capabilities have dramatically increased as a result of the recent creation of particular tools and methods.

BI Evolution
How to use teamob BI Report to increase productivity?

The Teamob Business Intelligence Report is the use of your data to make intelligent business decisions. For example, we have more projects delivery then usual project completed within a month, in these cases, with the help of a teamob BI report, we will focus firstly on the projects those are about to complete to improve productivity. If we come on business data, manage challenges, then the biggest challenge for businesses is to utilize the vast majority of data intelligence. In additions, there are others challenges that the big tools are new tools, so they are having lacks of skills and knowledge to ensure that they can effectively use the tools. Individuals are using more and more connecting devices so there are challenges of bringing every data together.

increase employee  productivity
TeamOB Business Intelligence Software