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TeamOB Workforce Insightful Software delivers productivity boosting workforce analytics that are incredibly flexible, easy-to-use and built to scale with your big organizations. With the intuitive real-time analytics dashboard down to fast, simple mass and remote deployment options, no other solution is as easy to use as TeamOB Workforce Insightful Software. TeamOB Workforce Insightful Software lets you customize just about every aspect of your workplace analytics to match your team’s structure, size and goals.

Create a More Productive Team by Simplify Employee Time & Attendance

All complete, real-time productivity insights and data help you to understand how your big and small team works for projects. Now you can eliminate the effort and error of manual timesheets by replacing them with automated time and attendance with TeamOB Workforce Insightful Software.

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TeamOB Workforce Insightful Software Key Features

  • Balance the workloads and optimize workflows

  • Set your team up for success

  • Boost productivity in the office and with remote employees.

  • Make your employees part of the process and capture every minute worked

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