The effectiveness of IT assets data discovery depends on the tools used to implement it. IT assets data discovery tools need to be able to cover the specific needs of organization. IT assets discovery tools helps you in listing all the devics such as laptops, PC’s and servers that are connected to your systems even when you are not aware of them.

This is an opportunity for software vendors to make revenue using compliance frameworks and in businesses, there is both a security and commercial threat. It is also noted that most companies do not know how much software their employees are installing on their organization devices. Companies that are in such a situation can face risks.

Organizations facing risks to manage unlicensed softwares

Compliance Risks

Unlicensed software will have chances to attract compliance audits from software vendors and most of the software vendors use some sort of mechanism to verify networks that have unlicensed versions of their software.


Security Risks

For any Software, malware comes from unlicensed software.

In such cases, we need to take a deep insight for the software used by our employees.

How to mitigate compliance and security risks for Softwares?

Best IT asset discovery tool like TeamOB IT Inventory software, will search for assets on list them to notify you. Also contemporary asset discovery tools understand communication between routers, switches, applications, hosts, temporary servers. An IT assets discovery tools identifies and maintains a list of active and inactive (IT) assets on your network. With the dentifying clusters at an operating system level and software, the IT asset discovery tool identifies the connections between usage, device and network. IT asset discovery tools thus prepares organizations to advance their configuration management, device management, and asset maintenance tasks.

IT asset discovery tools maintains required assets on your network, allowing organisations to mitigate commercial outlay risks, security and compliance.

Advantages of IT assets discovery tools used by companies in India

In India, Organizations are using IT assets data discovery tools to keep deep insight informations of software used by each employees on their systems and devices. This is helpful in less investment for unwanted software installed in individuals devices.

1. IT asset discovery tool helps in scan such connected devices.

2. IT asset discovery tools helps in understanding the network of yor organizations and will help in having all the information of the installed assets license status etc.

3. IT asset discovery tools on everyday check the authenticity of software licenses.

4. Unlicensed software is one of the primary ways for malware to enter into the system and IT asset discovery tools will help increase the level of security and detect any unlicensed software modules.


Automating the organizations IT asset discovery process can save, time money and effort as manually handling IT assets can lead to a lot of errors. To avoid this, automating the IT assets discover tool process can save a lot of your time.

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