The Teamob Business Intelligence Report is the use of your data to make intelligent business decisions.

For example, we have more projects delivery then usual project completed within a month, in these cases, with the help of a teamob BI tool, we will focus firstly on the projects those are about to complete to improve productivity.

If we come on business data, manage challenges, then the biggest challenge for businesses is to utilize the vast majority of data intelligence. In additions, there are others challenges that the big tools are new tools, so they are having lacks of skills and knowledge to ensure that they can effectively use the tools. Individuals are using more and more connecting devices so there are challenges of bringing every data together. And the next challenge is how to secure the data as all data is in one place by connecting devices. So basically, data is a challenge.

How we can say that data is a challenge? As we know about the data explosion due to many data coming online that is data on the cloud or servers, so the data get connected, we can make reference to other data along with the use of business intelligence. The data on the cloud or the server will keep going more and more which results in data explosion. With the help of business intelligence tool we can save data.

Lacks of access to data directly impacts to productivity. In this case, transform your data into intelligent action by the Teamob BI tool.

The Teamob BI tool helps you to experience your data, any data, any way, anywhere.

The Teamob BI tool Features.

1. BI work as fast and easy access to your data.

2. Increase your business by spending less.

3. Data discovery and data exploration.

4. Insights from any device.

5. Collaboration across your devices.

6. Anyone to visualize and analyze data.

How to build teamob BI report dashboard?

Teamob BI report dashboard allows you to set the dashboard as per your setting. You can position the charts and graphs of the analytical blocks on the dashboard. You can expand the analytical blocks for proper visualization. To set the analytical block on the dashboard, simply upload the CSV file of your data and convert it into graphical form and save to the dashboard.

In the BI report dashboard, you can share, save and delete your analytical dashboard blocks.


A Teamob BI report dashboard can create for management, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, service and support, procurement and IT.

Advantages of building Teamob BI report dashboard as follows.

Clear View:Teamob BI report dashboard helps you to easily overview the clear data of your organization.

Represents all reports on a single place: You can put all your generated analytical reports on the dashboard.

Get real updates time to time: With the help of teamob BI report, you can get real updates at any time.

Decision Making: Teamob BI report dashboard helps you to make quick decision that's led to productivity.

Easy to use analytical dashboard with the Bi-report

How helpful it is when any software converts tabular data into graphical representations? Yes, it's really helpful when you just upload a file of tabular data and the software converts it into graphs, maps and charts in just one click.

Teamob created such software where in just one click your excel data converted into visual analytics. There is upload option in the Bi - report, from where you can upload your CSV file.


Along with upload option, there is provision to add category in which your uploaded data will show. After data uploaded, through search find your category name which was added to your uploaded data file. with the help of SQL query for create analytical graphs. You can also save your searched query. In the result, you can view all your CSV file data and on a graph, you will be able to view graphical data of the uploaded file.

On the dashboard, you can view your saved analytical data. With share feature, share this data with the departments, manager , team leader and employees.

Features of Teamob Bi-report

1. Upload any kind of excel sheet

2. TeamOB automatically identify bucket and save similar data in one bucket

3. Query saved data and experiment with graphs

4. Create unlimited custom dashboards

5. Create unlimited custom reports

6. Share bucket

7. Share dashboard

8. Share reports

9. Embed reports

10. Print/Email your analytical study a with team

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