To improve our-self, knowledge plays a vital role. Is it really need to introduce time tracking software with the employees? Yes, if you value your employees, its very essential to introduce the time tracking software to your employees. When employees knows that some tracker is tracking their work, they will get to know that how much work-done with the given task as tracking software increase the company as well as employee growth. Employees can easily managed the deadlines by distributing task with the employee monitoring tool.

You can educate your employee of the advantages of time tracking software software. Consider below points.

Elaborate the features:Provide information about the tracking software by giving live demo. Explain how to install and login in the tracking software. Give information about the various reports generates based for user activities like attendance, performance yearly and monthly.

Visual explanation:Play video of the particular time tracking software for the employees to get them more visually familiar with the tracking software.

Regular usage: Let employee know the regularity of using time tracking software will help them in their productivity.

Feedback: Communicate with your employees and answers their each questions.

Teamob - The Time Tracking software tracks your employees each task activity. Teamob generates attendance, performance reports of employees, which employees can even see it.

How Time Tracking Software manages an overwhelming workload?

In each field of profession, workload is always present. We cannot avoid it, but we can handle. Every project have its own milestone which needs to be done on the deadlines. The sooner the project deadlines occurs, the sooner the workload take place.

Proper work handling will make you stress free. Here are some tips to distribute work as per deadlines.

Relaxation: Having stress of over workload, play music, and make your self clam first, then plan the to do list.


Stop feeding the monkey: Telling yourself that, "{"Oh my God! I am too busy.", "I am having overwhelmed work."}". If you feel like this, how you will allow yourself to work and survive.

Exercise: Do some exercise, get some fresh air from outside, make yourself energetic.

Some other points to be considered as follows.

Planning: Plan each day and list priorities task. Make to do list before starting the work. Make sure, the to do list will be finish till the end of the good day.

Limit the time: Avoid in-depth perfection but do a quality work by limiting the time for allotted tasks. That is to perform task into a feasible time. keep an eye on the clock to speed up the work. Do one task at a time.

Make your mind: Lots of work make stress and headache. To avoid this, plan in advance for the allotted work.

Focused: Focused on the task with full understanding about assigned task.

What unproductive applications says when time tracking software captures?

It is now a daily basis habit to use social media during work hours. Social media really plays an important role in our lives, but when employees use social media while working, it reduces productivity. Time spent on social media is wasting business productive time, so as company's money. If employees use social media while working hours as a refreshment, it makes them work more but not the effective work.


If any sad news appears on social media like Facebook, that could be disturbed and demotivate them. This simply leads to waste of the company's time.

But on the other, You cannot force employees to continue work for 9 hours with productive websites and apps. Employees can even more concentrate in their project work, if they refresh their mind by checking social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. Also, employees are using social media for their work queries.

Like, they are discussing working queries with their friends for fast and better solutions. Employees use social media for sharing information, communications, web surfing. Social media helps in learning, makes employees to freely more focus on the task work. In short, employees balance both work and personal life.

Stop conflicts between the employees by time tracking monitoring software

Conflict means simple disagreement between peoples.

So how do you deal with this conflicts. Or what's the reason of these conflicts may be accommodating, collaborating, avoiding and competitive. So, what's important for the employee is to not fear with these conflicts, instead face them, because that only the solution.


You can deal with below points to avoid conflicts.

Identify the problem: Try to identify the issue, and think about the conflict happened was necessary.

Handle the conflict: The meaning here is, its important for the employee to understand, that everyone has different perspective. Therefore getting on one single ground for you is necessary. Now, here if you look at certain conflicts that you encountered in the past, you will recognize that its all because lack of communications, misinformation and these create conflicts.

So, here you need not wait for other person to approach you. Well, just go ahead, take that step and communicate your issues. Then understand, why he or she came up to this point. Once you understand it, then take the next step forward that is to solve the issue. And this has to be done with a very open mind. So, always approach a conflict with an open mind.

Use positive words: Always use positive words to avoid conflicts, negative words raise the conflicts.

Conquer emotions: Well, lets not the emotions control you. What happen when emotions started controlling you. You will never get a positive outcome of any conversation that you are trying to have. If you will say, "Yes, I am superior, what you will do?" this sound will harm your carrier. So, stay clam, understand the situation and control your emotions to avoid conflicts. You need to stay clam to avoid conflicts, as conflicts is everywhere.

Tips to keep motivated your employees at work

Employee happiness is the main factor for building the company's productivity. To keep the growth of the company stable, it is necessary to keep the employees motivated.

For motivating employees, you can change leadership behavior. When leadership changes, the performance of the entire company improves. A person is incharge of a department, but works at the same information and skills as his or her co-workers, then the correct leadership style is collegial. In such company, employees are having the respect of their skills and ability to do productive work.


Motivated your employees by arranging fun games, activities for them, such as musical chairs, laughing session.

Organized rewards activities for the employees. The best management principle is "Whats gets rewarded gets done." If you want more productivity in a company, just offer rewards for that work process. Employees respond to incentives this is common behavior.

Make organization climax respectable, by giving respect to each an every employee for their task.

When employees feel respected and value, no matter what level he or she is working, the motivation automatically increases the positive productivity.

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