The Time tracking software is a cornerstone of business world. It helps the developers keep on track of their work and time. Even though we hate them, deadlines are a reality, and it is necessary to complete a project on the time. Time monitoring software software help to set completion deadlines for the developer. Your employees can track their working hours at every single day, specifying what they spent the hours on, and it allows you to compile the reports and see what they were doing. With the help of these reports, you can easily see if someone is spending more hours on a task that they should and take this matter under control. You can also verify if they regularly report excess hours and commit overtime abuse without any request to work those overtime hours. You can also track the project’s progress by time element like daily, weekly and month or set budgets per project. By using the timesheet, which centralizes all recorded billable hours we can manage invoices for the clients.

Moreover, time reports allow you to check how productive your team and employees are, it makes the process of the wage calculations easier and can offer a lot of additional features.

For example, if your employees are on the working shifts, some Time tracking software can be customized to reflect that. You can also set up your vacation/days off/sick leaves reporting and registration through the time tracking software and employ many various analytics.

time tracking is a great tool and it is vital to any business process.

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