Are you a business owner dwindling with the idea of whether or not to purchase the right Time tracking software for your business? Is the concept of being at odds with your employees driving you to question the need to implement the best time tracking software at the office? Although using employee productivity monitoring software is often seen as a tool for managers, it is far from being solely that! Yes, your employees no longer need to dread the idea of using such software and instead should be able to embrace the use of employee time tracking software.

A Brief History of Time Tracking

The concept of time tracking, although, seems like a recent addition to the workforce; is far from it. Time tracking has been a part and parcel of everyday life for an immeasurable time. The brief history of time tracking shows that mankind has sought to track time from times immemorial. It began with tracking the passing of seasons to days, hours and then came keeping a historical record of events.

Even before the advent of clocks, humankind tracked time using obelisks, sundials, water clocks, and the hourglass. Then came clocks, wristwatches, the atomic clock, and now smartwatches.


All of these devices - only for the sake of timekeeping. This goes to show - time is of the ultimate essence to mankind and we will do just about anything to abide by a lifestyle that’s time-centric. Many people even accept that “time is money”, and live by this principle.

Educating employees about this aspect of timekeeping will help them embrace the idea of using a time tracking software and wholeheartedly submitting to its benefits.

Gain Autonomy at Work

Employees - There comes a time in every employee’s life when they question their skills and their utilization of them. Using the employee time tracking app allows employees to take autonomous control over their daily tasks, and exercise the flexibility of their working hours according to each task and prioritize them accordingly.

Real time, minute by minute time tracking and referring to the timesheet allows employees to ascertain their productive hours by checking on their workflow during an uninterrupted stretch of time. This particular tool also helps to decipher the unsustainable workflow processes that can be done without, to increase productivity. It also teaches one to manage attentiveness.

Promotes Introspective Growth

Apart from gaining autonomy at work, using employee time tracking software for small businesses and large businesses allows one to master their skill and performance, driving one to achieve ultimate productivity. Making use of a time tracking tool goes a long way in promoting introspective growth on a day-to-day basis. Employees can gain tons of insight into their subconscious and unconscious behaviours and establish set patterns in a working environment to create maximum efficiency. One can track their average time taken to complete tasks at different timestamps of the day. They are also able to weed out the unproductive tasks, gauge interruptions, possible unproductivity and understand the patterns and boundaries established while working.

Accountability through Visibility

Visibility equates to accountability. There's a saying that goes, “What cannot be measured cannot be managed and thereby not justified”. Understanding that the value of each employee hinges on the extent of the visibility of their skills is the harsh reality of the business world. When the effort put into creating quality work is recognized through the visibility of the work itself, employees are greatly appreciated for it.

Using the right time tracking app, especially one that is a time tracking software with screenshots can go a long way to establishing progress at work. Visibility helps create accountability with employers and regular employee work hours as well, this ensures employees are treated fairly and equally in the office. This aspect works as smooth as butter when it comes to remote team management and gauging employees' daily productivity.

These functions of the best employee time tracking software hike employees’ overall effectiveness, allowing them to justify their working hours and skills, helping them to grow individually - significantly. This impresses on them the aspect of focusing on introspective growth by creating a better schedule for themselves each day and optimizing the workflow.

As a business owner/manager, you’ll be doing injustice to your employees if you skip purchasing the best employee time tracking software available today. Head to our time tracking solution page to know more about our time tracking software. Save yourself this blunder, and give our employee time tracking software a free trial today!

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