Employee analytical monitoring software useful for increasing productivity, managing and scheduling tasks and projects, generating employee attendance reports, creating employee performance reports, managing employee login time, logout time, desk time, active time, idle time, break time, work time. Along with these features employee monitoring software also includes data security of organizations. The security of client data is of very importance to any business or company. Organizations are now facing insider threats as a harmful issue. To overcome this problem, use of employee monitoring software is essential.

Benefits of  detecting insider threats within organization

TeamOB employee monitoring softwareincludes features such as use of apps and websites,  automatic time mapping, screenshots, real time monitoring and many more which helps to provide  benefits of  detecting insider threats in organization.

Apps and Websites

TeamOB - employee monitoring software has the ability to detect which apps and websites are being used by employers and can help to detect threats to sensitive information of customers or clients.


Manager knows each employee's assigned tasks and projects and apps and websites they used for it, with employee analytical monitoring software, each employee's desktop/laptop activities captured and you will get the exact report for apps and websites. You can define suspicious behavior for any employee by verifying the apps and websites used while working on the projects. This will help you to protect company sensitive data.  


Employee analytics monitoring software screenshots capturing features is the best solution to detect threats and to save data from data leak.

TeamOB employee monitoring software takes screenshots of employees' computers/laptops automatically at fixed intervals. By monitoring screenshots of every minute, you can detect suspicious activities and can react to them. Managers can closely monitor employee activity without disturbing your employees.

Real Time Monitoring

TeamOB employee analytical monitoring software allows you to check each interval of what your employees are working on at a given time. On the real time dashboard, you can view all your employees' work. You can check the online/offline status of your employee during working hours. Also you can note the apps and websites employees are using for given projects.

Employee monitoring software tracking data is always provided in real time which helps for data security.

Incident alert

TeamOB - Employee monitoring software detects threats for sensitive information through incident alert features. Manager will get an email alert for any company sensitive data if intentionally or accidentally was leaking outside the company.

You can add any keywords or organization email ids in the incident alert option. Anyone trying to send data excluding such keywords and email ids saved incident, it will track and send alerts  to the manager. This way, you can detect insider threats in the organization and take action against it. This will also help employees to be educated about the dangerous behavior.

TeamOB is the leading employee monitoring software for detecting insider threats within organization

Client information and data security is very important for every company. TeamOB employee monitoring software for employees can be used as data security which can help you detect potential insider threats within an organization.

TeamOB is leading employee monitoring software tool in india which detects insider threats within organization. Try TeamOB employee monitoring software today!, please feel free to contact us.

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