The service sector is the prime sector of our country and other countries around the world also consider the service sector the most important sector as this renders a lot to the country's economy as well as the GDP. The service sector also plays a key role in the overall development of the country.

The data that is stored and protected by the service sectors has to be taken extreme care of as this data loss can brutally affect the business organisation and cause several unexpected hardships.

This difficulty can be endured by some software techniques which most renowned business organisations are using currently and the TeamOB is here to render their service in the software networking assistance and enable your lives much easier than ever.

TeamOB is presenting you with all the services rendered, have a quick look

1. Employee Monitoring Software

2. Employee Analytics

3. Employee Productivity Insights Software

4. Employee Productivity Monitoring

5. User Activity Monitoring

6. Workforce Monitoring

7. Time tracking software

8. Desktop monitoring software

9. Team Management software

10. Detecting the insider threat

11. Protecting the business organisation from insider threat

12. Enabling better operations of employees working remotely.

These are the software networks which are in trend right now and a bunch of business organisations which are into service sectors or service providers are trying their hands on it as this provided software are life savers to all of those business organisations which are using it.

What do you mean by Service Sector?

The service sector is periodically called the territory sector which is rendering services to the general public. The service sectors comprise the services such as financial institutions, hotels and restaurants, educational institutions, health institutions, real estate, electricity, water supply and more as such. Hence the service sector has a huge contribution to the economic development of our country.

What do you mean by Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data Loss Prevention(DPL) assures that no sensitive or crucial data is being leaked or transferred to outsiders or a third party who does not belong to the business organisation. The organisation's data is always locked in confidentiality to avert data loss risk.

What are the types of Data Loss Prevention?

There are certainly three types of Data Loss Prevention, they are:

a. Network

b. Endpoint

c. Cloud

All three types render the same results but the procedure differs from one another.

Why does a business organisation require to reduce Data Loss Risk?

Averting the data loss risk is pretty significant in the real corporate world because today's business organisations have top-notch competition. Any leakage or transfer of crucial data can hinder the business in both the short-term and long-term. Therefore no business organisation would want to fall into this sort of circumstance. And this could be done with precise software that enables the protection of the business organisation from insider threats.

Why is Data Loss Prevention important?

Data Loss Prevention plays a significant role in any provided service sector that is prevailing in India and all around the world because to stay compliant with the restrictions and legislation one has to ensure that all sorts of crucial data are secured. Data Loss Prevention ensures that every important detail of the business organisation is tightened against insider threats and hackers.

What are the objectives of Data Loss Prevention?

Data Loss Prevention figures out three prominent objectives of assorted business organisations with the help of User Monitoring Software and they are:

a. Personal Information Protection

b. Intellectual Property Protection

c. Data Visibility

What are the factors of Data Loss?

Several factors result in data loss but the primary factors are:

a. Human failure

b. Human errors

What are the outcomes of Data Loss?

Data loss can negatively affect the business organisation and can cause loss of customers, confidence can affect the business in future and more. So preventing this hardship requires software assistance they are User Activity Monitoring and Desktop Monitoring Software.

So far we discerned how significant it is for a business organisation to prevent Data Loss and we also found a solution through TeamOB's services but now let's indeed understand how this above-mentioned software help the business organisations.

So below are certain features and characterization which explains the importance of Data Loss Prevention.

productivity monitoring software

1. The Productivity Monitoring Software comes with a unique feature where it computes the login and logout timing of the employees which certainly helps the employers or the organisation in discerning if their employees are arriving and departing on the stipulated time allocated to them. This builds a better relationship between the employer and the employee and hence leads to great trust between both parties.

2. This software indeed helps in the calculation of the work performance and accomplishments of the end-users. Productivity Monitoring and Team Management Software gives a critical and precise scenario of the work fulfilled by the employees along with the duration. This software prevents all sorts of partiality amongst the employees working under the same roof. Partiality can lead to envy and this software averts the organisation from retaining the same and enables healthy competition amongst the employees.

3. Manipulation of the data is pretty common in any business (company, association, organisation, institution) around the globe, the manipulation could be practised either by the employees or the employers and it sometimes gets tougher when data is computer manually. So Productivity Analysis and Monitoring Software will help ensure the eradication of such manipulation through its automated attendance tracking. This software indeed ensures that everything in your organization takes off smoothly without any hassle.

4. Productivity Monitoring Software helps the organisation in tracking the insider threat, well this software comes with some exceptional features which enable understanding if any brutal circumstances occur through the end-users of that particular organisation.

5. This software also has a unique feature where it detects if there is any sort of hacking in the business organisation. These days hacking has become very common and sometimes it's hard to detect one but not any longer because Productivity Monitoring Software helps you with realising if there is any such hacking.

6. The Productivity and Workforce Monitoring Software also helps in comprehending the activities performed by the employees or the end-users, yes this detects every activity and analyses the same and therefore formulates a report of that. All in all this software will avert the employees from engaging in unethical and violent activities or even if the employees try to perform such activities the team or the organisation will immediately receive the information through the Productivity and Workforce Monitoring Software.

7. Productivity Monitoring Software helps in preventing data loss risk with help of its features, it can easily detect all sorts of hacking and transfer of data. And ensures that your data is completely safe. No matter where your employees are working, either in the office or at home this software comes handy if invested in it.


All in all, we realized how significant it is for any business organisation to prevent data loss from insider threats and hackers, especially in the service sector as the competition is top-notch in this particular sector and needs to be addressed. Moreover one needs to discern how to prevent Data Loss through the latest software network and through the article we learned how to make the best use of the above-mentioned software services rendered by TeamOB.

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