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"Research firm Gartner suggests that India will produce one of the largest number of remote workers with one-third employees working remotely by 2022. “By the end of 2021, 51% of all knowledge workers worldwide are expected to be working remotely, up from 27% of knowledge workers in 2019,” Gartner said in a report."

Workforce Productivity Monitoring Software

To be sure, experts believe that working from home—which many companies in India strictly prohibited until earlier this year—will be more common once COVID-19 is over. Employers can lower office costs, and many employees say they are more productive at home and happy to save time by not commuting. "This is definitely the beginning of a change," said Yogi Sriram, former head of Group HR and now an advisor at Larsen & Toubro.

Changes happens due to remote work

Peoples now working from home, telecommuting, or working on the move, this change happens due to remote work Majority peoples are also working more flexibly, working fewer hours, or working fewer days of the week. Those days are gone now of the 9-5 office job, and in are the days of the distributed workforce.

Everywhere now, there is remote work. Whether you’re a founder working from India or a freelancer in USA, you’re likely to find that working remotely or telecommuting is a great way to pace yourself and get more done.

Workforce Productivity Monitoring Software

How to define Remote work?

The practice of working from places where you are not physically present is remote work, but connected to your work. This is not new, but it’s becoming more common in today’s knowledge economy, which is why business are adopting the model to remain competitive.

The practice of working remotely, rather than in an office is also remote work. Remote workers can be distributed all over the India. Often, companies use virtual technology to allow workers to work without ever having to come together in person.

To be stuck in an office is pretty much the worst, and while some people can’t work from home, others simply don’t want to. But some remote work would actually be great: you can get paid more and feel like you’re more connected to the company and the people you’re doing the work.

In India where people are spending increased time online working from the comfort of their own homes, companies are finding that a remote workforce can be a very effective way to save on costs and control their workforce.

Workforce Productivity Monitoring Software

People working remotely is not new

This is not new that people are working remotely. But it is increasing among career professionals, who are shedding the 9 to 5 office job to focus on the things that matter the most. They are developing remote work skills that enable them to reap the rewards of working from anywhere, anytime in India.

Benefits to working remotely are soo many. There are also great risks. No one wants to deal with a work related injury or illness, for example, so remote work is not for everyone. But it is increasingly common, due to the growing number of remote workers in India. So, if you are considering working remotely, take the time to find out which companies are the right fit for you, then you can minimize any risks.

Arise of workation

Workation is combination with work and vacation together. So, it called as workation.

Workation uses the full benefits of an online work environment. Workation allows you to work from anywhere, anytime in India. You can work completely in your night suits or home clothes.

Workation is created by the people who invented the concept of location independence. It’s a workplace that’s no longer confined to any one physical location in India.

Why remote work is the future in India?

Remote work is more eco-friendly. Employees can work from anywhere, as long as they have a good Internet connection and a suitable schedule.

Remote work is less stressful way to be productive. It is a much better way to work, as an employee can easily switch between work and personal life, and still get his or her job done at time. And it also means that employees can work from home, saving money from travels for office location.

Productivity can be increased by remote work in India

Remote work is the future. What does this term actually mean? It is not just about working from home. Remote work will change the way we work. It will allow people all over the India to work together and collaborate.

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