The Work done by employees from home or any other place is actually beneficial for clients and employees as well. You can say that remote employees can be very productive for the team. Well, the major benefits of working remotely are fewer meetings means your team member has more time, for focusing on meaning full and important project works. Its also allows to generate higher autonomy and trust which automatically increased the motivation and productivity.

Having more flexibility creates opportunity for a more balanced life. Employees have days when they spend 12 hours, focused on super productivity and other days checked out some of the primary tasks on the lists and then spend a day with the work of their own personnel, and spending time with friends.

Employee good health is very important. Therefore, employees working remotely can take breaks and exercise between clients meetings to focus on work time. Sometimes, employees can take a run to refresh the mind to focus more on work.

The most beneficial approach for remote employees is that they can work from one place to another. And this flexibility they can use regularly when working remotely. The office will not allow them to be flexible from one place to another. Remote employees have no geographic approach to engaging the team, meaning they also have no geographic boundaries for clients.

Promote collaboration between remote employees departments for good competition

There is no doubt that competition within the team inspires people to perform to the best of their ability, but it also causes people to lose sight of the organisation's common goal. When people work with a mindset of getting maximum benefits and to become a center of attraction, they start working individually instead of working together. This ultimately affects the overall performance of the team.


As Andrew Carneige puts it, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” We must therefore encourage the team as a leader/manager to work together with mutual respect for each other.

The team members must value each other and always, think about whether it will be fruitful for the company before taking any action. We don't say it's wrong to work for individual growth, but it shouldn't affect the team.

The manager must respect both performers and non-performers and strive to inculcate an atmosphere where team members encourage each other to succeed with the same enthusiasm and do not feel threatened. The manager must also ensure that the team maintains balance by providing positive feedback to help each employee feel a sense of achievement and receive public recognition.

To conclude, I would like to say that healthy competition would help you to foster a positive working environment and help average performers get out of their shell. They will try to be more creative, work harder and would ultimately work towards the organisation's common goals.

Recommendations and -suggestions Round Up

1. The manager must "Blaze a Trail" to encourage a positive and healthy working environment as energy always flows from the top.

2.Employees must be treated well and must have the freedom to express themselves and must function in a positive. open and transparent management system.

3. Employee centric organisations always have better retention rates. so we must have flexible and employee- friendly practices.

4.Working towards the skill enhancement of the workforce by organizing training and engagement programs to promote fun at the workplace.

To bring it all together, you should try to divvy up the avenues of how the strategies, traditional and modern approaches can work together co create a healthy working environment and how it can serve to better engage the workforce.

Creating a healthy work environment is not hand. instituting improvements in the organisational process requires a little functionality. We need to work with the vision to create a large corporate culture that keeps ever one happy and encourage employees to work cohesively and to value organisational ends.

Make office a better productive place

Think if your office is a home place.? Wow! It is a wonderful idea, which everyone wants. If an office looks like a home environment, every employee will work with full presence of mind. Home is the only place where we relax, and think better.

Bring the fresh air and sun light inside the office rooms by opening the office windows. Keep office architecture with less between walls among the employees.

More communication between your employees will make them familiar with each other.


Some below list to manage the office environment.

Clean: Keep the office clean with good room freshener fragrances so that everyone feels happy.

Clean: Keep the office clean with good room freshener fragrances so that everyone feels happy.

Thought of the day: Maintain day to day office information board updates with a new encouraging thoughts for employees.

Calendar : Make necessary to main calendar task distribution habit, to avoid work load.

Games and music : Have some sports and musical instruments to play at certain times for the employee to rest.

Seminar: Take employee encouraging seminar weekly to get them to know how to give their collaboration in company productivity.

Birthday celebrations: Celebrate your employees birthdays.

If a company building area is large, its really easy to keep rooms for each departments like , movie theater, garden area, games rooms, music rooms can be easily managed for employees relaxation. Although it is really hard to managed by the companies having less office area. But, not to worry, you can also manage your employee happiness by redesign your office with no walls between employee and to give some corner space of the office for music instruments. Allow the office members to take a walk after lunch.

Maintain a good habit of saying "Good morning" to among each other when your employees come to the office.

Employee good health plays an important role in the company productivity.

Use some employee tracking tools, , to track your employee work, and discuss with the particular employee about their growth which will also lead to company productivity.

You can install Teamob software in your employees machine to track their work progress, which the employee can also see and encourage themselves to work more.

Tips for remote employees for schedule sleep time to improve productivity

Sleep is an important part of your productivity puzzle. But simply getting your adequate quality sleep is not a guarantee of maintaining your energy and productivity levels up.

There is another component to sleep optimized. Setting the right sleep schedule. The right sleep schedule means, waking up at the same time every day and waking up at the time that works well for you. As, you wake in random time for every day, that will affect your working hours at a desk, of not get good sleep.


This will reduce your productive hours.

The inappropriate sleep will not allow you to focus on the given task, you will feel sleepy on desk, which will be notified by your manager, which in return will harm your job . As your absence of mind in work time will decrease the productivity.

So, all it needs consistency in your go to sleep and wake up time.

Teamob tracks your work activity and summarized all the information in a report, which your manager can refer how much time you spent on productive, neutral and unproductive applications.

Importance of webinar and its etiquette in the productivity for remote employees

The webinar platform is really important to meet people. The webinar is reliable. Many people share their thoughts, ask questions and interact with each other. You can put your camera on. Could be able to share your screen. Give presentations from home. So, a webinar is like, you can present one to many. In the business process, we are hiring employees who work from their native locations. To collaborate with such employees and to get introduced them to the employees who are working in the office, conducting webinar will help here.


Conducting webinars can also increase the business productivity by encouraging employees to work for the given task and to deliver on time.

Here are some etiquette and protocol of the webinar to join by attendees.

# Choose the environment where no other voice will disturb your webinar session.

# Always available to join the webinar before 5 or 10 minutes of the schedule.

# Wear proper formal dress for the webinar event.

# While attending the webinar, always put your camera off and audio in the mute mode.

# Concentrate to the speaker and give your contributions significant to the team group.

# Always be an active participant.

Teamob introduced the webinar feature for creating webinars. You can create webinars in Teamob with and without guests attendees also. There is a provision to set password to attend the webinars to avoid unwanted people to interfere in the webinar. On each webinar, which is created in Teamob, sends email notifications to all participants.

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