Since the pandemic, the operations in several sectors have taken a toss, and the organisations begin to permit the employees to work remotely (work from home) as the situation got worse with the lockdown and curfew. Surprisingly most of the employees got compacted into this new normal with ease however for companies it got complicated as they could not guide and connect with their employees as promising as they did while working together in the office environment. The assorted organisation in India, as well as all around the world, got over this circumstance with certain software assistance. Software assistance is that life-changing aspect for a bunch of organisations that are swearing by it. Technology has brought a gigantic change in the operational structure of organisations as technology is playing a vital role in numerous paths. Business organisations opting for such technological assistance are doing great even while working remotely, however, some organisations are still lingering behind because of a lack of knowledge of technological advancements. So here we are presenting TeamOB which is rendering exceptional and reasonable services to the service sectors.

You may have a look at the services rendered by TeamOB:

1. Employee Monitoring Software

2. Employee Analytics

3. Employee Productivity Insights Software

4. Employee Productivity Monitoring

5. User Activity Monitoring

6. Workforce Monitoring

7. Time tracking software

8. Desktop monitoring software

9. Team Management Software

10. Detecting the insider threat

11. Protecting the business organisation from insider threat

12. Enabling better operations of employees working remotely

But how do these software networks help the organisation in having a better connection with the team working remotely?

Now, let us have a glance and understand how these software networks enable it to happen. Amongst the above-mentioned software networks, there is one software that is Employee Monitoring Software which helps the employers as well as the employees in having better communication through the features it provides which enables in making the remote teams in having great connectivity.

What do you mean by Employee Monitoring Software?

This is the software which is designed to supervise the employees through a monitoring program which could be set up in individual systems at the organisation. This software is on trend since the pandemic as a bunch of business organisations began to allow their employee to work from home. This software is indeed a life-fixing software for a lot of organisations.

Let us discern how these features help in keeping the connection active

employee monitoring software

1. Live Group Chats: Employee Monitoring Software enables the users to have live group chats which indeed helps the team in having great connectivity even while working remotely. This ensures enabling a constant check over all the employees and clarifies all sorts of doubts or queries immediately wherein no employees go through any kind of dilemma while working far away from their mentors or the team leaders.

2. Virtual meet-ups: Virtual meetings are one of the finest features which the Employee Monitoring Software is allowing its users. This extraordinary feature helps organisations in having a meeting regarding their tasks and projects through the web camera whenever possible without the hassles. This indeed builds a strong connection between the employees and the employers while working remotely.

3. Individuals worksheets: Employee Monitoring Software has a feature wherein it provides worksheets to every individual employee which helps both the employee and the employer in updating their day-to-day work status and enables the organisations to stay connected and move further. These worksheets also help organisations in reasonable decision-making.

4. Project Management: Project Management is an application or a feature which is furnished by the Employee Monitoring Software. This software helps the employees in understanding the work that is delegated or assigned by their mentors or team leader for that week or a month or as per their timetable. This was the employees do not need to completely depend on their higher authority to know what has to be done and can accomplish the tasks and projects without any hassle. This will keep the employees connected even while working remotely.

5. Time Tracking: Time Tracking is one of the exceptional features of the Employee Monitoring Software, as this aids all of the employees in adhering to the time that is taken to work on a project or a task every single day. This especially helps the employers in understanding the effectiveness and efficiency of their employees and therefore helps them in guiding them whenever needed as this Time Tracking feature maintains a day to day reports of every single employee. This also helps in having an adequate connection between the team head and the mates.

Other features that help in understanding the remote team are:

1. It helps the personnel to thoroughly dedicate their work hours.

2. It increases the productivity of each individual.

3. It expands the growth of the company like never prior.

4. It cuts down the worthless time spent by personnel.

5. It allows the HR manager to sit back and not worry about the employee's performance, because this software does the job.

6. It improves the process at the workplace.

7. It commutes the hours worked and time spent idle.

8. It makes an attendance report.

9. It enables the HR department to look into the login and logout time of the personnel.

10. It calculates the number of days worked by the personnel.

11. It tracks the coordination of each individual and how they are working as a team.

12. It decreases the inefficiency.

13. Enhances the work quality of the employees.

What more do you require than these above features, these unique features indeed make your job easier than ever.


If you are among those organisations which are still allowing the employees to work remotely then it's the right time for you to opt for this amazing software which does the job right. Now employers can take a back seat and concentrate on other work or tasks instead of surveilling the employees. Assorted organisations have already tried their hands on this software network and are doing great in their provided fields then why not you? Yet, it is never too late. Contact TeamOB now for further information.

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