Today the world is moving far ahead with the assistance of technology and is apt to compete with every striking element, and this certainly heeds in prevailing business organisations in India as well as all around the globe. A business organisation requires a bunch of elements which have to incorporate for operating in the long run. And it comprises time management, productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, workforce management, task management, user monitoring and much more.

What do you mean by Task Management?

Task Management is a procedure of surveying and monitoring the day-to-day tasks of the employees working for that particular business organisation right from the very beginning till the end which therefore comprises all sorts of phases. This enables advanced decision-making for all the provided tasks to adapt to the real-time outbreak. Moreover assists in accomplishing all the goals with great success. Task Management also implies managing all aspects of a task like budget, time, scope, resources, recurrence and so on effectively.

What do you mean by Time Tracking?

Time Tracking refers to the computation of the number of hours worked, number of hours spent idle, number of hours spent in unprofessional activities, login and logout time, and attendance of every individual employee working for that business organization. It is the subcategory of time and attendance of the employees and this plays quite a significant role in providing accurate results for the employees in concern with work performed.

Are you wondering how Time Tracking and Task Management go hand in hand? Well, both are crucial aspects of all sorts of business organisations in India and all around the world, for any business performance of tasks plays an important role along with time tracking as a task which is performed adequately gives great success but this applies only when there is an appropriate time tracking installation.

Now you must have a question that is hounding you, as in how these two crucial elements go hand in hand.

To eliminate this doubtful aspect we are here to help you with how this works. But before that let us understand the core concept of Workforce Productivity.

What do you mean by Workforce Productivity?

Workforce Productivity means the computation of the employee's performance, accomplishments, effectiveness, efficiency and feasibility in consideration of the tasks or the projects allocated to them along with their output. Workforce Productivity is the key element of any organisation as they are comprehended as the assets of the organisation and whatever they do matters in the advancement of the organisation.

What are the features and characterisation of Workforce Productivity?

1. One of the prominent elements in rendering the best service experience for customers is to ensure that the employees are available and are feasible to deliver service to the customers at any time of the day. But to ensure this happens, a company or an organisation needs to have something that assists them, in this case, the Workforce Productivity regains your organisation from shattering. Productivity of the employees is indeed important to provide service 24/7, and this extraordinary software will ensure to keep productivity stable through its exceptional characteristics.

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2. Having discussed productivity we need to comprehend how that is going to help, the productivity of employees exhibits dedication towards the work and enables them to work with more desire. The Workforce Productivity ensures that no employee is spending their time on unprofessional activities and enables them to confine their working hours exclusively to the work assigned.

3. Workforce Productivity will certainly compute the number of hours worked for the organisation and the number of hours spent idle doing nothing for the organisation. Now, this case needs to be addressed because you don't want to lose and disappoint your customers. So this software guarantees to track this circumstance which in turn helps in enhancing the customer service experience.

4. Apart from productivity and the number of hours worked there are other elements which contribute to the customer service experience, like responding to the customers in a jiffy. Yes, a lot of times customers want their problems to be solved as soon as possible and they expect that their problems are addressed even before they expect them to be. The problems or the difficulties of the customer's service experience can only be improved when the employees are putting their wholesome efforts and dedication into their work. And this can be guaranteed by the Workforce Productivity.

5. The Workforce Productivity comes with a unique feature which helps in live chatting. Live chat helps in quick response to the queries of the customers, quick response takes place as this software enables the employees in letting them know that they are up to providing some service to their employees.

6. Apart from providing services, 24/7 assorted organisations have a concern if their employees are reaching their expectations. Now reaching expectations takes a stand on one of the sides of the spectrum and the other side stands for the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees. Workforce Productivity will ensure that the work performed is efficient and effective through computing the worksheet and work accomplishments of the employees.

The above-mentioned key features explain the characterization of Workforce Productivity which enables you to understand and learn more about the provided process.

When a business organisation delegates its tasks to their employees it ensures that both the time tracking as well as the task management goes smoothly and this could happen only when there is equal coordination between both the vital elements. If a task completed after the stipulated time does not make any sense to be appreciated or a task delegated without ensuring the deadline does not give you the expected outcome and does not motivate the employees to work effectively and will only lead to delay in work along with zero productivity.

So to curtail this problem we are presenting you with the TeamOB Workforce Productivity (Employee Productivity) which helps your organisation in staying at bay with all these hassles. Besides, it also ensures maximizing productivity to the utmost status which is indeed an ultimate goal of any provided business organisation.


We discerned how both the crucial elements go hand in hand and how significant they are to a business organisation in today's decade. Without any further due go and try your hands on this amazing software which is indeed a life-fixing software for your organisation.

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