Employee Monitoring Software has brought a tremendous evolution in most of the highly thriving companies in India as well as all around the world. And now assorted companies in India are considering giving this software an attempt because this software does everything that humans can not do at certain times.

This software did all that an organisation mandated or an organisation desperately desired which was not feasible through man force. It also made the lives easier and better with its outstanding features, like detecting hacking, attendance tracking, pre-planned schedule, data evaluation, averting the employee from engaging in unprofessional activities, commuting the number of hours worked and several hours spent idle in a day, clarification of questions, amending errors, enabling the employees to communicate with their subordinates and more.

All in all these extraordinary characteristics were a boon to a lot of organisations in and around the world and for HR managers in getting things done in a wink alongside it relieved the HR managers from intensifying themselves in overseeing their employees now and then. But are these traits a curse to the employees working for that particular organisation under exceptional software?

Let us together comprehend how effective or troubling this idea of surveillance is from the viewpoint of the employees?

1. The Employee Monitoring Software has boosted the productivity of the employees with the help of pre-planned agenda and by the same token.

IT has enabled the employees to neutralise their lives between personal and workspace. As this software has a unique feature which will help the employees in detecting the errors made by them within a flash, through this the employees need not worry about the same throughout the day. And the productivity improvement not just helps the organisation but also helps in building exceptional credentials among the employees.

2. The Employee Productivity Insights Software has an element wherein an individual employee can effortlessly communicate with the subordinates as well the other colleagues which comfort the employees in building better professional relationships within the work environment. This software not only builds good relationships besides it helps in the merciful clarification of certain queries in the organisation. In this case, an employee does not need to be annoyed for not getting his/her queries cleared.

3. A lot of times the employees are taken aback because this software might be linked to the employees' social media handles, enables GPS tracking and enables the third party to read and listen to their conversations and more such aspects. Most of the employees were and are still in a dilemma as this might shrink their freedom and curtail their personal space without the consent of the individual employee. Of course, this used to be a hardship to the organisation as well as the employees a while ago but not anymore. Because the organisations are proceeding with certain guidelines which will not let their employees encounter such hardships. And now employees are discovering it amiable to set up this software in their systems.

4. The Employee Productivity Insights Software enables the employees to fulfil their tasks on or before the stipulated time as this extraordinary software comprises every detail of the allotted task or a project and directs the employees throughout the tasks, which enables the employee to completely rely upon and not on the subordinates. Moreover, the employee can get everything cleared on the spot without hampering the task further.

5. Most of the time a few things around us make us feel lethargic through which we tend to see ourselves as discouraged and cultivate ourselves in unproductive activities which do not fetch anything and at the end of the day we are left with guilt for not being productive. If you are among the above lot then do not worry about your productivity because the Employee Monitoring Software will ensure to keep you motivated till the end without any hassle. This software will make sure that every employee is working with zero distractions and is giving 100% at the work as this software traces the productivity and number of hours worked or spent idle.

6. Since the pandemic, an enormous number of employees have been underpaid for several reasons, one such reason is; that working from home-working from home is something that happened without pre-preparation or plan and organisations had to opt for this with no other choice. During this interval, employers could not evaluate the work performance of their employees which led to the underpayment of employees in assorted organisations. But adopting this software will lead the employer in making smooth payments to their employees. The Employee Monitoring Software comprises every detail of employees' salaries, for example, What is the pay? When does he/she need to get paid? Or on what basis does he/she need to get paid?. These are a few questions that the software consists of, alongside this software will notify the employers when the due date arrives.

7. The Employee Productivity Insights Software will ensure buildings of structured time management according to the work allotted to the employees. Time management plays a key role in any organisation while working on significant tasks. This software will aid the employees in managing their time promptly. The software consists of a few details like the time allotted to accomplish a given task and the employees are supposed to perform it on or before it. This does not barely help the organisation in getting the things done but it also reflects much on the employees and aids them to finish up their tasks on time which doesn't lead them to stress later. Hence, we can say that time management can be better manage by employee monitoring software.

Comprehend the additional benefits of the Employee Monitoring Software by going through the points here mentioned below:

1. Assists both the organisation and the individual employee.

2. Nurtures the creation of a structured pattern in the organisation.

3. Great for the organisations which are opting to work from home.

4. Evaluates every single entry by the employee without any omissions.

5. Intensifies the productivity level of work and the work accomplished by the employees.

6. Computes the day-to-day work of individual employees without stacking up the work.

employee monitoring software

7. Neutralizes both the work and personal lives of employees.

8. Enter the login and logout time of the employee.

9. Enables tracking the time taken to accomplish one particular task.

10. It does not invade employees' private space.


The above-contemplated points are vividly communicating how the Employee Monitoring Software is amiable to all the employees working for the organisation. This exceptional software brought an immense difference in the organisations and the outlook of an organisation took a rapid shift from the bottom line to the top. If you have not already invested in this software then you should get it in your organisation before it's too late. Start boosting up your organisation's productivity with this new age of surveillance which is pretty affordable and simple to handle.

It is recommended to try your hands on TeamOB Employee Monitoring Software for getting your tasks done on time with its unique feature which will bloom your mind as you start utilizing it. And your organisation and the employees will have less burden as this software assists you with everything.

What are you waiting for, go and get this for your organisation too for to make it an adequately surveyed organisation?

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