Increasing productivity in call centers always leads to increased requirement fulfillment of clients. Due to this, call centers are now using user behavior monitoring to manage productivity insights and improve performance of the call center employee team.

Call center organizations can optimize the performance of their customer agents using user behavior monitoring software that is employee monitoring software at their agents' workplace.

Call center agent performance improves with user behavior and risk monitoring

The user behavior and risk monitoring software provides features to automatically log attendance of employees and to capture screenshots for the calls and chat call center agents are working on to monitor employee performance.

Also, with the help of user behavior software, you can monitor the apps and websites agents are using while working hours.

On the basis of these performance reports, you can identify individual user behavior.

In LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends report, 80% of respondents say soft skills are increasingly important to a company's success, while recruiters say that a new hire doesn't work 89% of the time because of underdeveloped soft skills. Situations which are call center agents who are good at handling clients requirements spending more time in covering outbound call quota to receive due to which they are not able to fulfil customer complaints.

With the help of user behavior monitoring software or employee monitoring software, management would be able to assign exact tasks to employees and would be able to increase the performance of employees and productivity insight of the company.

Advantages of call center agents' user behavior and risk monitoring using TeamOB

TeamOB employee monitoring software helps management to observe the time each individual agent spent on a task.

With these hours log, you can identify how much time call center agents are giving to solve customer problems, along with this, you can check agents' active work hours, idle time, break time report.


On a real time dashboard, at one place, you can see each agent's online/offline status. With screenshot capturing features, on each defined interval you can verify which apps and websites call center agents are using, whether they are using apps and websites out of assigned tasks or spending more time on any social sites. By noticing this, you can take certain actions against such employees.

To secure customer data, you can set an incident alert in TeamOB employee monitoring software that is digital activity monitoring software .

This incident alert sends alerts to manager email IDs for the data which was leaked out the organizations. In such a way, you can trap such agents and save data leaks.


Employee monitoring solutions are now widely used by call centers organizations to increase the agent's as well as company's productivity. Use of TeamOB  digital activity monitoring software  helps your remote team agents to manage work hours and to give accurate attendance logs. This will automatically increase productivity in Call Centers with User Behavior & Risk Monitoring.

Try TeamOB user behavior and risk monitoring software that is Employee Analytics Monitoring Software today!, please feel free to contact us.

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