A lot has changed in a few decades, like how people switched from paperwork to digital at the workplace, from meeting friends and family members in person to meeting them online over video calls, from attending regular offline classes to online classes for students and so on, by the same token, things at the workplace took a transition from personal surveillance to Employee Monitoring Software, because why follow the same routine when everything around is changing? It's high time that we switch to something that makes the employees effective and efficient at the same time.

Okay, if you are someone who is wondering what Employee Monitoring Software is? Then, no problem, we are here to lend a hand in making you vividly understand what it is all about.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

This is the software which is designed to supervise the employees through a monitoring program which could be set up in individual systems at the organization.

What Employee Monitoring Software does?

This helps the Employers as well as the company in tracking the attendance, computing their performances, understanding the productivity level of an independent person and accumulating the evidence of hours they worked. An organization needs to know if its employees are following the instructions promptly and are creating a healthy workspace in and around them.

Why is Employee Monitoring Software in trend?

This software enhances the effectiveness of the surveillance which is not always possible through the executives alongside it reduces the workload on employers and shrugs off the manipulation. It enables the HR managers to contribute to other work rather than just supervising their subordinates as the research shows that 37% of HR managers determine decisions by using Employee Monitoring Software. Therefore, analytics monitoring software is a trend used now in more and more companies. And this shifts the load from the HR manager to the software.

Why is this Employee Monitoring Software an essential requirement for any company?

Well, this influential software advances the company in a handful of courses of action, for instance, it aids in deriving the utmost utility from each employee like never before. A lot of employees spend time on unproductive pieces of stuff which negatively affects the company. Also considering that we are in the 21st century and gravely need something like this to transform our organizations for the best.


Now moving on to the core concept of the topic that is, "How Employee Productivity Monitoring insight helps the organization to build a transparent process among employees" Firstly, let's vividly realise what a transparent process among employees means?

A transparent process among employees means that the employees are at liberty to communicate in a manner to welfare the organization and other employees as well.

As we comprehend the fact that transparency enhances the communication among employees which will ultimately boost the organization but have you ever given a thought to how one can attain this?

Consequently, let's discuss how to attain this in your organization. Well, you will first have to set up an Employees Analytics Monitoring Software in an individual's system, this will enhance your surveillance, and helps you derive utmost productivity from each personnel.

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Let's acknowledge its benefits leading to transparency among the employees:

1. It helps the personnel to thoroughly dedicate their work hours.

2. It increases the productivity of each individual.

3.It expands the growth of the company like never prior.

4. It cuts down the worthless time spent by personnel.

5.It allows the HR manager to sit back and not worry about the employee's performance, because this software does the job.

6. It improves the process at the workplace.

7. It commutes the hours worked and time spent idle.

8. It makes an attendance report.

9. It enables the HR department to look into the login and logout time of the personnel.

10. It calculates the number of days worked by the personnel.

11. It tracks the coordination of each individual and how they are working as a team.

12. It decreases the inefficiency.

13. Enhances the work quality of the employees.

Well, the above points benefit both employees as well as the employers in reaching their respective goals.

In addition to the above benefits, the Employee Analytics Monitoring Software helps the employees to precisely understand the work that they are supposed to do, and the employers don't have to repeat the same to their subordinates and all of this promotes transparency among employees.

So far we learnt how Employee Analytic Monitoring Software helps the HR manager and the company. Merely like any other application or software this also has a dark side which does not aid the employees. So below are a few disadvantages which will help you understand it better.

Disadvantages from viewpoint of the employers and the company:

1. To set up this software an organization or the employer must invest an ample amount of time in researching the best software which will help their company which may distract the employer from participating in the actual and essential tasks.

2. It can be expensive initially as an employer you are not directly setting it up in an individual's system but before that, you are investing your money in the research.

3. It increases the performance and achievements of the employees as this will enable you to provide additional incentives to the employees. Because of the overall quality of work the employees advance.

4. This software curtains the freedom and security of the employees as it traces the social media handles of individuals alongside tracks the location and will enable the employers to access the employee's personal information which may direct the employee to complain against the company and the employers.

5. It allows the employee to make unavoidable assumptions as this qualifies the employees to learn that their employers or the company do not have reasonable confidence and trust in them.

6. This software can sometimes dominate the safety at the workplace as it keeps a close examination. Ultimately this can negatively oversee the quality of the environment.

Below are the features explaining plans and how it promotes transparency among the employees in the organization.

Features of Employees Analytics Monitoring Software:

1. One can live chat with their teammates about the assigned project without any hassle. Also, monitor your chats with other users.

2. Helps in taking live screenshots when needed.

3. Enables the users to access the webcam.

4. Helps in monitoring the web page.

5. It helps in tracking the time on a project.

6. It controls the devices.

7. It confines violations taking place.

8. It identifies the problems that occurred while using it.

9. It enables one to check out their history.

10. It tracks the location of the users.

11. It ensures that personal things are safe.

12. It has reminders which help the users to complete their work within the given time.

13. It helps in making the reports of every project.

14. It helps in making the reports of every project.

15. It alarms the users from not wasting their time on unnecessary websites or applications.

Why should you invest in Employees Analytics Monitoring Software?

It is pretty affordable for any organization which assists in data integration. Besides, it helps in productivity checks which is the ultimate reason to own this software.

Why should you invest in Employees Analytics Monitoring Software?

It is pretty affordable for any organization which assists in data integration. Besides, it helps in productivity checks which is the ultimate reason to own this software.

Ultimate decision:

Sooner or later it's up to the employers and the organization to decide if they need to set up this Employee Analytics Monitoring Software. Similar to any website or application or software this too has its pros and cons as discussed so far. Before any organization firmly considers investing in this software, the organization must make sure that this does not curtail the freedom and the privacy of the employees does not develop distrust in the workplace and does not lead to any kind of harassment. When the employees give their best then they deserve the same from the organization in addition.

Eventually, you cannot make certain statements that this Employee Analytics Monitoring Software is the best or worst but it relies on how you make the best utilisation of this software without abusing other employees.

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions on this concept, to understand and learn more about the Employee Analytics Monitoring Software click here.

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