Any organisation be it domestic or international, small scale or large scale and primary, secondary or tertiary merely lies upon a crucial element called Accountability. Accountability is typically substantial in running every business organisation, association or institution for the long term. It generally comprises specific elements such as honesty, responsibility, adhering to the constructed ethics and the etiquette designed by the organisation or an association for its people working there. An organisation's accountability extends to its shareholder, and employees working at all three levels like from top-level management, and middle-level management to the operational level management and widen to the general public such as its customers or the society where it regulates and performs its everyday activities. In an extensive perception, accountability is generally the quality of being acceptable or having the will to accept whatever comes your way further.

Accountability in sales is extensively crucial as it helps in retaining a decisive operation in that particular sales department as well as the organisation. Accountability ensures having a high-quality function and therefore it aids the employees in having great integration.

DEFINITION of Accountability

The actual definition of Accountability in terms of management is "a commitment that an individual or an organization will be analyzed on their accomplishments, efforts and performances or nature related to something for which they are responsible" Or it simply means to be accountable to the higher authority.

Why is Accountability essential in a business organisation or an association?

Accountability enables better involvement in the work environment and helps in having decent engagement among the employees as well as the employers. It also ensures giving rise to better decisions for the future of the employees and the organisation as well. Being accountable assures that you are responsible to do something and you try to adhere to the following regulations and obligations that are formulated by the organization for its betterment.

How does TeamOB Employee Analytics Software help increase Accountability to boost sales?

1. Accountability aids the higher authorities like the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Executive manager of the sales department, Team leaders, Human Resource Manager and employers in understanding the performances of each employee and how they are working towards that particular organisation for achieving the set of goals and objectives.

2. This provides certain information or data on the day-to-day activities taking place in the organisation, which includes several units or products sold and several units that are to be sold in the future. Moreover, it calculates the work performances of the employees or daily wage labourers.

3. It intimates the higher authority in providing acknowledgement regularly, this helps in making further decisions either in consideration of the organisation or in consideration of the employees. Feedback helps in understanding the functions and the operation in a decent way.

4. Accountability helps in the progression of the organisation. The organisation keeps getting improved day by day with little progress every duration and progression boosts the sales of the organization.

5. It also helps in understanding what needs to be paid more attention to and what needs less attention. Alongside this helps in invading into different moves and strategies which will again benefit in improving the sales of that organisation.

6. Accountability ensures setting the desired goal for that month of the year, whenever someone is being accountable he/she is indirectly discussing if they have achieved their previous goals or not or would they like to set a new goal or want to continue with the same. Being accountable means he/she is telling the higher authority about the facts.

7. It helps the person in being transparent, transparency is pretty important within the organisation as it helps in improving the organisation and the sales day by day, week by week or year by year.

The above mentioned are a few needs of accountability to boost the sales.

How does TeamOB Employee Analytics the Software help achieve the required sales?

TeamOB is here with some exceptional software but one among those will help the organisations in achieving the desired goals and objectives. And that is Employee analytics Software Now let us discuss the points below.

1. TeamOB helps and lets the employee understand their target for a week or a month. The targets are constructed in a way that enables the team to work on them within the stipulated time as well as ensure that the organisation achieves the goals of boosting its sales for that period.

employee analytics software

2. To improve and boost the sales, productivity among the employees is required. And this software will keep a check on employees' activities during their work hours, this ensures that none of the employees is wasting their time on unprofessional activities and is completely dedicated to the work. Even if the employees get distracted from their work, this software helps them in alerting.

3. This software schedules the work of each employee according to his/her skills, knowledge and experience. If an employee is capable of doing something only then one can achieve the desired goals and objectives.

4. The software maintains a record of the performance of the employees and regarding the sales achieved or to be achieved by the employees. This report will help in taking the right decisions.

5. This software will help the organisation in exhibiting the comparison of the data of the previous year and estimating the sales for the upcoming year. This way one can aim for more and achieve the goals and objectives.


TeamOB is once again here to help your organisation boost sales and aim for more than before. This Employee Analytics Software ensures that your employees are giving their best to your organisation with less or without deviation at all. Along with the improvement of sales, it increases the status of accountability. Without any further due get your hands on this Software for a better work environment because who does not want to earn adequate profit and enjoy the success, if you want to be the one then go install this amazing software. This will also ensure remote operational efficiency.

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