We always hear that employee workforce analytic tools like time tracking software are meant to spy on employees to check how they utilize their time at work. Employee workforce analytic software are valuable for generating reports and analyzing employee data which are required by IT professionals, HR managers, organizations like KPO, BPO, placement consultants, healthcare, etc to manage data-driven decisions about employee performance and workforce management.

Employee workforce analytic software also helps to manage business results with accuracy. Such data analysis provides big opportunities for workforce planning which in turn makes a company's growth.

Benefits of employee workforce analytics software for small to large workforce

Understand your remote employees work capabilities

For managers, Off-site monitoring of remote employees' computer/laptops activity helps to check the ongoing work and to take actionable insights.


Tracking and monitoring remote employees gives business managers the actual way to make business intelligence decisions. They can see how employees are doing and submit tasks on delivery time. TeamOB employee monitoring software have such features to track employee attendance, login time, logout time, desk time, dle time, break time during working hours.

Employee workforce Employee analytics helps companies to determine whether allowing employees to work from home would be beneficial.

Analyze and improve resource used by employees

Managing the applications or the software that are used by your employees in their computers and laptops are quite difficult. Employee Analytics software software helps you to capture all the websites or applications employees are using during work time. This will give you a deep report of the website and applications name along with the timeframe employee used.

With the deep information about websites and applications employees are using to assign tasks or not, you take action as required.

Use of HR Analytics software to Reduce employee turnover and burnout

Businesses need to concentrate on employee retention to continue competitive. For managers, it is important to focus on the success of an employee during incremental decision making and throughout the employment life cycle to help in company growth and productivity. You can identify burnout ricks of employees by high utilization rates as an individual employee or a department, employees working more than office hours.

By noticing these, the manager can help out the employee by reducing his work load and distributing it to other employees. TeamOB employee monitoring software generates employee performance reports, which will help managers to appreciate the hard working employees for their work.

TeamOB employee monitoring software helps to increase small and large organization's growth in India

TeamOB Employee Monitoring Software generates valuable computer usage data reports, employee attendance report, performance report.

TeamOB employee monitoring software manages employee productivity, addressing inappropriate websites or applications usage, managing cybersecurity and data loss prevention by utilizing incident alert features, understanding how remote workers are engaging with technology, and understanding bandwidth usage to limit exposure and costs.

With the help of TeamOB time tracking software, you can gain deep insights into the behaviors of your employee workforce. In turn, these insights help you to make quick business intelligence decisions that improve the productivity and future potential of your business.

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