Productivity plays a key role in any provided sector in India as well as all around the world, that is prevailing currently. The prime aspect that a business organisation looks into is productivity and how it can be improved. Productivity is the key to achieving more and expecting more. And most companies' key objective these days is to take their productivity to a new range.

A company's output exclusively depends on and takes a stand on the productivity of the employees working for that specific organisation. Hence the organisation, as well as the employers, need to pay attention to the employees and assist them in every single major and minor step that they take. Moreover, this enables the building of a better quality of the end work, task or project along with building the quality of the employees or the personnel.

So here we are presenting to you the ultimate solution for this hardship and that is Productivity Tracker. To discern more about this software keep reading this blog.

What do you mean by Productivity?

Productivity refers to a quality statement which comprises the performance, accomplishments and achievements of a person, company or association. In terms of manufacturing, it relates to the output of that particular industry. In simple terms, Productivity is a quality or a trait of being effective and efficient in any given circumstance and ensuring that the output is achieved with respect. Hence it contributes to Team Management .

Why is productivity important for a business organisation?

Productivity plays a key role in any provided business organisation because the status or quality of that specific organisation is defined by the outcome of the service that is being rendered.

What do you mean by Productivity Tracker?

Productivity Tracker is a tool or a technique which is certainly used to track or trace the productivity of every individual employee working for that specific organisation. Productivity Tracking enables boosting the credit of every single employee in concern with productivity.

Why is Productivity Tracker important for a business organisation?

Productivity Tracker enables a recognition of the employee's productivity level which indeed helps the organisation in understanding the role and efforts of every individual employee therefore this tracker helps in further decision making. Assorted organisations these days are making a considerable usage of technology which is acting as the key process.

What are the benefits of Productivity Tracker?

1. Enables the employers in better recognition.

2. It improves the management of an organisation.

3. It boosts the self-management of the employees as well as the employers.

4. Enables maintaining an accurate record.

5. Eliminates unprofessional activities.

6. Maintains a record of the number of hours worked.

7. Maintains an accurate record of attendance.

What do you mean by Insider Threat?

An insider Threat is a violent hazard or an obstacle coming up to any prevailing organisation in India as well as around the world which usually happens through the employees, abandoned employees, clients or business partners or deputies who already have an idea of the data concerning that particular organisation and the data could be something respecting the companies security procedures, computer systems and more. Therefore Insider Threat is considered a cybersecurity risk.

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What is Productivity and Insider Threat Monitoring Software?

Productivity and Insider Threat Monitoring Software is the assistance which enables the organisation in tracking the Productivity status of the employees working for an organisation along with preventing Insider threats through the inmates of an organisation. This software comes with some extremely unique features and characterization which helps in the smooth performance of the organisations and enables computing the activities regularly.

How do Productivity and Inside Threat go hand in hand?

As we already understood, the Insider Threat usually happens through the existing inmates of that particular organisation and productivity indeed supports curbing the Insider Threat through frequent monitoring systems and networks. Hence, Productivity and Insider Threat go hand in hand in an organisation.

What do you mean by Team Management?

Team Management is a proficiency of an employer, team leader, manager, administrator or an organisation to lead the team or to coordinate the team or an individual's performance based on the allotted task or a project.

What do you mean by ROI (Return On Investment)?

Return on investment (ROI) is a performance criterion used to evaluate the efficiency and profitability of an investment or comparative statement of the efficiency of several different investments. ROI attempts to promptly compute the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment’s cost.

Why is ROI (Return On Investment) significant for business organisations?

1. ROI is one of the simplest methods to understand.

2. Enables comparing multiple investment opportunities.

3. It is used to find out the pain points in divisions.

4. Parameters to compute in ROI are pretty simple.

5. It enables an inter-period comparison.

What are the benefits of ROI (Return On Investment)?

Just like anything ROI also has several benefits which can be taken into consideration. Let's have a look at the benefits.

1. Divisional Profitability.

2. Comparative Analysis.

3. Indicates different performance ingredients.

4. No need to separate the accounting system.

5. Achieving goal congruence

What are ways to measure the ROI of productivity tracker investment?

Here are four ways to measure your Return On Investment from a productivity tracker,

1. The ROI of taking up more projects with fewer head counts.

2. The ROI time and cost savings per project.

3. The ROI of more collaborative, productive and happier employees.

4. The ROI of streamlined integration and automation.

Well, these are the four ways to measure your ROI on a productivity tracker, to learn and understand more do consider contacting TeamOB, this team will guide you all the way long.


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