Managing a hybrid team can indeed get tougher with the constantly added work pressure on employees as well as the employers, even after the pandemic some organisations are enabling the employee in having the flexibility to determine the mode of work be it remote working or working in the location. Since the employees are given a choice, it is contemplated that most of the employees opt to work from home as they find their comfort zone while working remotely, however, this mode of working can add hardships to the employers or the HR managers because they would not be able to regulate every action of the employees. So to curb this crucial element we are here presenting to you TeamOB which has established its name in the market and owns a professional team who helps the customers in getting things done with ease. Let us have a glimpse of the services rendered by the TeamOB

1. Employee Monitoring Software

2. Employee Analytics

3. Employee Productivity Insights Software

4. Employee Productivity Monitoring

5. User Activity Monitoring

6. Workforce Monitoring

7. Time tracking software

8. Desktop monitoring software

9. Team Management Software

10. Attendance Management Tracker is going to be a lifesaver for those companies which are allowing the employees to make choices in consideration of the work mode.

What do you mean by Attendance Management Tracker?

An attendance management tracker refers to a business organization's strategy for tracking employee time and attendance data. An accurate attendance and time tracking system enables saving time and effort in computing the employees' working hours along with non-working hours.

Besides the formal provisions, time tracking is also significant because it furnishes companies with practical insight into their crew. An attendance tracker can enable companies to identify probable dilemma areas and implement proactive criterias to curtail absenteeism and boost employee productivity status.

What are the features of the Attendance Management Tracker?

Attendance Management Tracker enables in recording day to day presence of the employees along with the below features

1. Computes the total number of hours worked by every individual employee, and ensures to maintain a record of it.

2. Computes the overtime, if any employees have worked more than regular work hours it helps in recording the same.

3. Tracks the time ProjectWise, enables tracking the time worked on a particular task or a project.

4. Helps in modifying the existing timesheet according to the prevailing circumstances.

5. It also tracks and maintains a record of the total number of breaks taken between work hours.

6. Secures the data that is recorded, and averts any sort of manipulation.

7. It comes with a reminder which motivates the employees to work effectively and efficiently.

8. Enables tracking of the login and logout time of the employees which detects if the employees are punctual or not.

9. Helps in forecasting and predicting the future requirements of the business organisation.

How can Attendance Management Tracker help in managing the hybrid teams?

1. Time is an important element while performing a task or a duty and ensuring that you are accomplishing your things on time Is something very important and adds more to the existing credential as most of the higher authorities look for those who are capable of working on or before the stipulated time. Attendee Management Tracker assists in curbing the wastage of labour time and helps you in understanding where exactly the time is getting wasted. It assures to pick up those areas which are consuming additional time and therefore promotes promising decision-making.

Employee Attendance Tracking Software

2. Attendance Management Tracker possesses a significant portion in concern with project management. It enables the employers in discerning the capability of the employees and how effective they are at accomplishing their tasks, understanding this aspect is crucial for any employer. It enables computing in the arenas where the employees are taking extra time to complete which could be addressed further. Enables assessing the prevalent efficiency of every individual employee and therefore helps in delegating tasks and projects accordingly. It helps the executives in the company to compare estimated costs and the real cost of performance costs.

3. Analysis of attendance is exclusively necessary for any organisation or business as this helps the organisation or the HR manager in comprehending how regular and active their employees are. The Attendance Management Tracker helps in computing the attendance alongside maintaining a record of it now and then. This helps the organisation not always depend on manual calculations. Hence enhances productivity with no hassle. If you are wondering if this statement leads to distractions, then believe me it does. Human beings easily get distracted or preoccupied even if there is the slightest change so manual calculations may go wrong sometimes and that can lead to disturbances.

4. Assorted organisations encounter hardships in the manipulation of data specifically while analysing the login and logout time of the employees. Plenty of companies and organisations are still hanging on to the age-old method of drafting the login and logout time of the employees. The Employee Monitoring Software has a unique feature which helps in contemplating the login and logout time of the employees with zero manipulations. Login and logout time is important to consider as this helps understand how productive every employee is.


These extraordinary techniques will help in reaching your organisation's goal and expectations with ease and also employers do not have to survey all the time because this Attendance Management Tracker does all that your business organisation needs. Who does not want an organisation with extreme productivity at work with good strength, well everyone desires to achieve that level of productivity and this could be possible only through this software. Alongside it ensures that the remote working operations are taking off on the designed path. And now you no longer have to worry about your employee's productivity status, leave all your worries to this unique software and you take a back seat and relax.

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