Employees or personnel are prime and the most valuable assets for any provided business organisation in India as well as all around the globe, without the employees there is no company, there is no product or service and without the employees, there is nothing that could be operated in the business organisation, hence it is proved that employees are indeed the significant assets of the business organisation.

However, employees are the ones who operate the day-to-day activities that occur in the organisation but it is essential for the owners or the authorities to understand the ability, effectiveness and efficiency of the employees working under that roof.

So the team must furnish some sort of accountability on an everyday basis for the owners or the authorities to discern more about the task that has been delegated to the employees.

It becomes a challenge for the delegates to compute the activities that take place every day, so it is crucial to own a kind of technical aspect to sort this hardship out. So TeamOB is here with an integrated solution to this issue and that is the Time Tracking Software. Let us discern more about this software.

What do you mean by Accountability?

The actual definition of Accountability in terms of management is "a commitment that an individual or an organization will be analyzed on their accomplishments, efforts and performances or nature related to something for which they are responsible" Or it simply means to be accountable to the higher authority.

Why is Accountability essential in a business organisation or an association?

Accountability enables better involvement in the work environment and helps in having decent engagement among the employees as well as the employers. It also ensures giving rise to better decisions for the future of the employees and the organisation as well.

Being accountable assures that you are responsible to do something and you try to adhere to the following regulations and obligations that are formulated by the organisation for its betterment.

What do you mean by Time Tracking Software?

Time Tracking refers to the computation of the number of hours worked, number of hours spent idle, number of hours spent in unprofessional activities, login and logout time, and attendance of every individual employee working for that business organisation.

It is the subcategory of time and attendance of the employees and this plays quite a significant role in providing accurate results for the employees in concern with work performed.

What are the features of Time Tracking Software?

1. Time Tracking: This feature enables tracking or tracing of the time of each employee working for your business organisation be it remote or in the office, it works best for both. Time tracking ensures computing the number of hours worked effectively and the number of hours spent in unprofessional activities between the work hours, along with these it also makes sure that how efficiently an employee has accomplished his or her delegated task for that week or the month.

2. Timesheets: Timesheets are a feature that is similar to the first or the above feature, this feature enables the employees in staying on track with the given tasks or assignments. It also calculates if any of the employees have been working overtime or undertime. This makes the accountability, as well as the productivity, tracking easy and in a very minimum duration.

3. Reporting: Time Tracking Software is the best for preparing the report of the employees as this is one of the simplest ways to do so in comparison with manual reporting.

4.Analysis: In Time Tracking Software reporting and analysis go hand in hand because the reporting is easier to do so, and then after the analysis becomes much easier to understand.

Well, the above-mentioned features and characterisation are the prominent and valuable features of Time Tracking Software, however, there are other few significant features. Let us have a glimpse of them as well.

1. Project Management

2. Billing and costing

3. User Management

4. Notifications

5. Business Specific Features

6. Activity Tracking

Employee Monitoring Software

7. Easy to use

8. Globally accessed

9. Accurate data acquisition

10. Password preservation

11. Better connection

12. Capture screenshot

13. Performance analysis

14. Presence of a mini camera

15. Easy setup and installation

16. Integrated Google maps

17. Personalisation

18. High integration with other software

19. Automated time recording

20. Enhances efficiency.

What are the advantages of Accountability?

1. Enhances productivity

2. Encourages professional

3. Awakens employees

4. Effective time management

5. Balances work life of the employers as well as the employees

6. Maintains an accurate record of each employee

7. Provides transparency amongst employees

8. Builds trust amongst employees of every individual

9. Improves self-management

10. Increases competency amongst the employees

11. Enhances creativity and innovation among the employees

12. Increased commitment towards the work.

Accountability always has a positive impact on both the employees and the employers. Accountability is an essential part of everyone's life so is for business organisations, only with help of accountability a business can move forward and make the relevant decisions for the betterment of the employees as well as the business organisation.

Earlier organisations confined themselves to the manual way of recording but the times have changed and we are in the world of tech where everything could be done on tip of our finger within very less time and with no big hassle. Without any further due go and try your hands on this amazing software which is indeed a life-fixing software for your organisation.


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