The question always comes to the mind of the company Owner, Hr Manager, how to ensure that people are not lazy while paying for the assigned work, how to get every minute information, which the employee is working on?

To get out of this situation, people turn to such software which can track every activity of the employees. Using of these employee analytics monitoring software now became trends in organizations.

Productivity ensuring in a remote workforce

The earlier days routines are no longer exists, when managers could walk around and monitor activities of each employees. The increased in focus is on monitoring the productivity and ensuring productivity among the dispersed employees, in the growth of remote employees or in an environment in which temporary working employees are common and companies contract with employees for short-term engagement.

Companies are turning to employee analytics monitoring software to get reports on attendance, break duration, applications used, and time spent actively working on current tasks.


The data helps to create the BI report of typical user behavior which, in turn, can be used to highlight instances of atypical behavior.

Most of the companies are looking to employee analytics monitoring software to give them key insights into team productivity and performance, such as:

1. Applications used by employee are designated as productive and nonproductive.

2. Finding login, logout, break time, work time and idle time of employees.

3. The use of employee monitoring software to evaluate productivity, the ability to customize activity by user group is critical. Application classified as productive for one employee may be considered unproductive for another employee. Like web application project developer spending most ofthe time on social media like facebook, youtube, twitter is unproductive while a social media manager spending his all time on on all social applications are productive.

Compliance proving to meet regulations or report activities

Compliance audits appear to prove compliance with regulatory guidelines and to make sure that organizations have sufficient monitoring systems in case of data licked. Employee analytics monitoring software including the ability to capture, retrieve screen snapshots allows organizations to trace online activity, retrieve documents for evidence purposes.

Companies that are required to comply with regulations or report activities for task work purposes turn to employee analytics monitoring software to assist during compliance audits.

Keep protection against insider threats

Employee analytics monitoring software consists of features to give incident alerts captured for email excluding of organizations. This incident monitoring features helps to secure company data from moving outside.

Employee analytics monitoring trends for 2022

Research shows that 37% of HR managers make data-driven decisions by using Employee Monitoring Software . Hence proved, employee analytis monitoring software is a trend to use now in more and more companies.

Here are some trends for using employee analytics monitoring software.

Easy to track employee attendance

With the help of employee analytics minitoring software, it becames very easy to generate attendance report of each employee with the actual login and logout time. This monitoring software helps HR to generate acurate monthly or annually employee attendance report.

Real time dashboard Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software records each activity of employee by capturing screens snaps, and maintaining calculation of mouse and keyboard events which defines the employee presence on the given task.

Such employee monitoring software keeps track of employee attendance and productivity levels.

‍Focus on the employee wellbeing

Employee monitoring tools will help HR manager, employers to take decisions of which employees deliver results and reach their productivity goals. This will in return helps managers to reward top performers as an incentive and ensure better employee engagement.

More than this, the employee monitoring software will help with the company's growth by managing employees work performance, leaves, promotions, etc.


Employee monitoring software trends leads to be pivotal in managing remote work and staying.

Employee monitoring solution can easily be intrusive if employees are not informed well enough. But with proper information provide to employees will make organization and employees growth.

More with this, employers should be using employee monitoring solutions to ensure employee wellbeing.

The best way to implement employee analytics monitoring software in your organizations

By using an employee monitoring software is the best way to increase employee productivity.

So to boost company's growth, there is need of an employee-friendly software like TeamOB!

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