Healthcare organizations have a lot of data and information about their patients who are getting treatments in the company related hospitals. As the information is much, which results in being huge sensitive. As nowadays, everything becomes digital, there is a risk of sensitive data leakage.

As a result, many companies in the healthcare organizations are now using employee monitoring software, such as TeamOB, to help them overcome safety issues.

TeamOB healthcare activity monitoring software can help your organizations to calculate how the computers/laptops of their employees are used as well as the data they collect is being stored with security.

Employee Real-Time Monitoring

For every healthcare organization, it is really important to secure patients' data. If by accident the healthcare company loses patients data or a result of data leakage, it could result in serious consequences. Because of this, healthcare organizations need employee analytics monitoring software so that they can prevent insiders from violating patient data.

TeamOB employee monitoring software, helps you to keep track of your employees' activities and in real-time know exactly what your employees are doing on their computer/laptops, without location limitations, that is you can even track remote employees activities to make sure patients information is secure.


Data Security

Employee monitoring software can help you to make sure that you are keeping the sensitive information of your patients along with the employees data privacy and security.

TeamOB Employee Monitoring Software allows capturing screenshots of employees' desktop/laptops screens and also sends alerts for any unofficial incident that happened outside an organization email account. You can also control these option settings for data privacy and security of patients and employees.

IT Forensics

Organizations like healthcare, here every second counts. As each minute deals with life or death with regard to patient health.

In such cases, sometimes patient data may be lost, to which organizations get responsible. With the help of employee monitoring software, you can find out the exact source from which the data gets lost through the incident alert setting. Once the data leakage source is notified, you can deal with it for further data security.

Advantages of Use Of Employee Analytics & Productivity Insight Software In Healthcare

Time Analysis

Employee monitoring software provides you with an overview of how your employees spend their time during work hours.

With the TeamOB remote employee monitoring software, you can track employee active hrs, work hrs, login time, logout time, idle time, break time to the employee performance about work.

Growth in employee performance

Employee Monitoring Software helps you to optimize team performance.

Employee rewards are a necessary part of any organization. Employees in organizations like healthcare are stressful, so it’s important to check-in daily with employees.

Using employee analytics monitoring software in your healthcare company helps you to manage employee attendance, performance along with securing your organizations from the inside.

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