In Information technology employees are having long term applications to work. For an IT manager to handle such Saas applications with each employee is not an easy task. To get clear information about the use of SaaS applications throughout the organization, TeamOB - employee monitoring software delivers the deep insight IT professionals need to have. In different ways we can use employee analytics and productivity insight software in IT organizations to gain productivity.

Application and website usage

Understand application and website usage by IT employees within your organizations

1. Find out which are productive applications to inform decision makersTeamOB

2. Identify used unproductive applications or websites to set usage limits.


Understand which applications are used by which teams and how often you can invest in the right technology and training that will increase team productivity. Overview how time is spent in application categories to evaluate whether tasks are aligned with proper employees. The TeamOB employee analytics software automatically classifies apps and websites as productive/unproductive, to help you to quickly gain insights into how time is spent. See a breakdown of your IT teams and team work time by app or websites to understand what tasks are consuming the most time. You also need to understand that a messaging app is more distracting for this social media healthy break and support. With TeamOB Employee Monitoring Software, analyze the impact of non-business activities and provide attention to productivity.

Measure, analyze and increase workforce

TeamOB employee monitoring software allows managers at all levels to make data-driven decisions to enhance team performance using BI tools. With the help of an employee analytics tool, Get clear visibility into how your IT team employees use their time to complete assigned tasks and help in improving productivity. Generate in depth IT company productivity reports or run raw data through BI tools to point out areas for improvement. Track your IT team daily, weekly or monthly productivity activities to optimize your team's performance.

Security of data

IT company data is huge data which always needs to be secure. TeamOB Employee Monitoring Software helps you to secure your organization data by providing an option to set incidents alerts. You can set the organization email id or keywords that employees are using within organizations as an incident. When someone tries to send data outside organizations with such keywords or email id's, you will get an alert soon, which will help you to secure the data from leak.

TeamOB is leading employee monitoring software in india for IT role

In India, use of employee analytics and productivity insight software in IT organizations are now becoming common. TeamOB employee monitoring software will help you to track your IT teams activity report. TeamOB will generate your IT employees attendance report with login time, logout time, break time, idle time, work time and active time.

With TeamOB employee analytics software, you can track the productivity and unproductivity app used by your IT employees. You can check employee task worked screenshots, manage projects to deliver at time by proper scheduling.

TeamOB employee monitoring software keeps your IT team active, which will help you grow your business. The on-time attendance, and project completion from your It team increased organization productivity.

TeamOB is leading employee monitoring software in india for IT domain. Try TeamOB employee analytics monitoring software today!, please feel free to contact us .

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