Today we are living in a decade where nothing could be held under one's custody. We often delegate a couple of aspects to the third party and get the same done through them, however, this is usually done with adequate trust in the third party. But a lot of times things do not take place as expected and everything around us takes a toss.

Employee Monitoring Software has brought a tremendous evolution in most of the highly thriving companies in India as well as all around the world. And now assorted companies in India are considering giving this software an attempt because this software does everything that humans can not do at certain times.

Nowadays, we encounter a bunch of things getting enhanced which is certainly better than the previous one but not under all sorts of circumstances, because in a few negative situations things do not transpire in concern with an individual's favour.

Discerning which software is reasonable for Monitoring the Employees in the work environment is indeed a complicated task. Because we are living in a generation where technological aspects are in abundance. A prevailing situation in such circumstances is very common for a bunch of business organisations and it is a challenge that they need to encounter.

Now you must be wondering what to opt for your organisation between the Cloud and On-Premise for Employee Monitoring Software? So we are here to enable you to understand things better by furnishing you with the information on the provided notion.

What do you mean by Employee Monitoring Software?

This is the software which is designed to supervise the employees through a monitoring program which could be set up in individual systems at the organisation.

What is the task of Employee Monitoring Software?

This helps the Employers as well as the company in tracking the attendance, computing their performances, understanding the productivity level of an independent person and accumulating the evidence of hours they worked. An organisation needs to know if their employees are following the instructions promptly and are creating a healthy workspace in and around them.

Why is this Employee Monitoring Software an essential requirement for any company?

Well, this influential software advances the company in a handful of courses of action, for instance, it aids in deriving the utmost utility from each employee like never before. A lot of employees spend time on unproductive pieces of stuff which negatively affects the company.

Also considering that we are in the 21st century and gravely need something like this to transform our organisations for the best.

What are the benefits of Employee Monitoring Software?

1. It helps the personnel to thoroughly dedicate their work hours.

2. It increases the productivity of each individual.

3. It expands the growth of the company like never prior.

4. It cuts down the worthless time spent by personnel.

5. It allows the HR manager to sit back and not worry about the employee's performance, because this software does the job.

6. It improves the process at the workplace.

7. It commutes the hours worked and time spent idle.

8. It makes an attendance report.

9. It enables the HR department to look into the login and logout time of the personnel.

10. It calculates the number of days worked by the personnel.

11. It tracks the coordination of each individual and how they are working as a team.

12. It decreases the inefficiency.

13. Enhances the work quality of the employees.

14. Now let us move on to the core concepts, they are Cloud and On-Premise.

What do you mean by Cloud?

Cloud computing is a range of assistance transmitted over the internet, or “the cloud.” It means using a remote network server to reserve and access data rather than relying on regular hard drives and private and confidential data centres.

What are the benefits of the Cloud?

1. Data Security

2. Backup and Restore Data

3. Improved Collaboration

4. Excellent Accessibility

5. Low Maintenance Cost

6. Mobility

7. Services in Pay-Per-Use

8. Unlimited Storage Capacity

9. Flexibility

10. Documental Control

11. Robust Disaster Recovery

12. Easy to Upgrade

13. Reduces Software Cost

What are the cons of the Could?

1. Internet Connectivity

2. Lower Bandwidth

3. Affect of Speed

4. Security Issues

5. Agreement

6. Inadequate Support

7. Variation of Cost

8. Loss of Control

employee monitoring software

9. Disruption of Cloud Services

10. Vendor Lock-In

What do you mean by On-Premise?

On-Premises Software is uncovered and operated within a user’s data centre. As such, it uses the user’s computing hardware rather than that of the Cloud provider.

What are the benefits of On-Premise?

1. Complete Data Control

2. Enables in Customization

3. Prompt Accessibility

4. No Operating Software Cost

5. Complete Hardware Control

6. Complete Software Control

7. Advanced Performance

8. Extensible

What are the cons of On-Premise?

1. Expensive

2. Lengthy Procedure

3. Risk of Data Loss

4. Requires additional IT assistance

5. Needs a high skilled team

6. Requires Upfront Investment

But, which one of the software is better to opt for Employee Monitoring?

The Cloud is better than on-premise due to its flexibility, reliability and security, the cloud removes the hassle of maintaining and updating systems, allowing you to invest your time, money and resources into fulfilling your core business strategies. Also, Cloud storage is more secure than on-premise storage, which certainly makes it unique.

Moreover, when you are allowing the third party to handle things they can work more effectively and efficiently and they are indeed highly specialised in will get the thing done the right way.


Subsequently, we furnished the information regarding both the software and also mentioned a better option, all In all, it is totally up to the business organisation to choose what they want as the Employee Monitoring Software at the end, because everything has a solution if combated adequately then things will get sorted no matter what you have noted for.

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