Maximization of productivity of the employees working for that particular business organisation is that aspect which needs special and substantial concern by its management or the employers.

Discerning the maximization of productivity of the employee is indeed a complicated task because one has to keep a tight look on every individual employee working for the same business organisation and during such circumstances, a single employer or the HR manager or the supervisor may not be precise with supervision and things might go out of his/her or their concern. Moreover, sometimes understanding the proficiency of every individual employee is a significant task and needs to be performed on a day-to-day basis in consideration of the working hours.

So it is really important to seek the assistance of the technology around us, technological advancement has brought a gigantic change in India as well as all around the globe which is certainly a blessing to all right from a common person to the business tycoon, it gave rise to a vast transition amongst every human being. Well, TeamOB is here with its bunch of services which is going to help your business organisation and they are:

1. Employee Monitoring Software

2. Employee Analytics

3. Employee Productivity Insights Software

4. Employee Productivity Monitoring

5. User Activity Monitoring

6. Workforce Monitoring

7. Time tracking software

8. Desktop monitoring software

9. Team Management software

What do you mean by Employee Monitoring Software?

This is the software which is designed to supervise the employees through a monitoring program which could be set up in individual systems at the organisation.

What Employee Monitoring Software does?

This helps the Employers as well as the company in tracking the attendance, computing their performances, understanding the productivity level of an independent person and accumulating the evidence of hours they worked. An organisation needs to know if its employees are following the instructions promptly and are creating a healthy workspace in and around them.

Why is Employee Monitoring Software in trend?

This software enhances the effectiveness of the surveillance which is not always possible through the executives alongside it reduces the workload on employers and shrugs off the manipulation. It enables the HR managers to contribute to other work rather than just supervising their subordinates as the research shows that 37% of HR managers determine decisions by using Employee Monitoring Software . Therefore, employee analytics monitoring software is a trend used now in more and more companies. And this shifts the load from the HR manager to the software.

Why is this Employee Monitoring Software an essential requirement for any company?

Well, this influential software advances the company in a handful of courses of action, for instance, it aids in deriving the utmost utility from each employee like never before. A lot of employees spend time on unproductive pieces of stuff which negatively affects the company.

Also considering that we are in the 21st century and gravely need something like this to transform our organisations for the best.

What is meant by Productivity of Employees?

Productivity of Employees means the computation of the employee's performance, accomplishments, effectiveness, efficiency and feasibility in consideration of the tasks or the projects allocated to them along with their output. Employees' Productivity is the key element of any organisation as they are comprehended as the assets of the organisation and whatever they do matters in the advancement of the organisation.

Why is the maximization of productivity important?

Maximisation of productivity is indeed a crucial part of any business organisation provided a small scale or a large scale, productivity influences an extensive and intensifying role.

Assorted business organisations maintain a precise record of the productivity status of the employees working for their firm, which in return aids the long run.

productivity monitoring software

Wait, are you wondering how Employee Monitoring Software enables the maximization of employees' productivity? Then no worries, we are here to enlighten you about everything that comes under this mind-blooming software.

Here are a bunch of benefits and tactics to measure the employees' productivity in your business organisation that TeamOB is presenting you.

1. It boosts the productivity of each employee in an organisation: All possible organisations these days look for the utmost productivity status of their employee working for their organisation and if not they embark to derive absolute utility from their hireling. Productivity plays an integral role be it in educational institutions, medical institutions or the corporate sectors. When individuals do not assure to accomplish their targets then they will certainly turn out to be a major problem for the organisation. So a lot of organisations have given thought to considering the Employee Monitoring Software as this ensures that each employee gives his/her best during their scheduled work hours without wasting much of their time on unnecessary activities.

2. Detects the complicated fields for the employees: The Employee Monitoring and Performance Insight not just improves the productivity of each employee it also helps the employer and the organisation to detect where the employees are finding it hard to perform their daily tasks or where they are stuck up and this alerts the employer is not much time as well as the software itself, offers relief to the user(employee). It always ensures that the employee is clear with what he/she has to do. And this becomes a lifesaver during such intervals.

3. Facilitates project management: Employee Monitoring Software enables the employers and the organisation to pin the customary tasks and projects allotted among the employees, with the assistance of this software insight there will be no hindrance and accomplishment of every task is done with ease because it certainly ensures that every employee completes the task within the given time with no deviations.

4. It records attendance: It's crucial to maintain a record of attendance of the employees working for an organisation as it helps the employers or the organisation in comprehending the total percentage of an individual's presence. So now one doesn't have to worry about that because the Employee Monitoring Software does the thing for the employer and the organisation as well. It does not just record the attendance, it helps in commuting the number of hours worked productively and the number of hours spent in unprofessional activities.

5. Helps in maintaining day-to-day operation records: As the employees and the employers perform their work regularly, the Employee Monitoring Software also does the same. It maintains day-to-day records of the employees and the employers. It maintains the record of attendance, login and logout time of each employee and the employer, calculates the time spent idle, how much work was completed in a day or how much work was supposed to be completed that day and more.

6. Highly recommended for work from home: If your organisation is one of those who are still promoting work from home for the employees then this Employee Monitoring Software is much needed, this will enable the employers or the organisation to monitor the employees from anywhere in the world. This helps you learn how productive or unproductive the employees are in private as you will be able to track the numbers of hours they spent working, commute the number of hours they spent on unproductive entertainment, and how much time they spent accessing the other websites which are not related to the task, knowing their login and the logout time and more. This Software during this interval will promote the employees to be more productive in their workspace.

Well all these above elements ensure that your productivity maximizes in just one go with all its tactics and accessibility and flexibility with TeamOB.


All in all, Employee Productivity Monitoring Software indeed helps the whole organisation and enhances productivity which helps in the long run of the business organisation

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