Employee Monitoring Software allows employers to monitor and control employees' activities and is becoming a necessity for businesses.

People might be hesitant to use Employee Monitoring Software but if used in the right way, the whole organization and even employees can benefit from it.

Optimize employees time to enhance productivity

Statistics say 70% of employees visit websites and applications that are not related to their jobs. Employee Monitoring Software, employees can keep an eye on their work and ascertain the amount of time they spend on work-related tasks.

It is a great way to see how much time is lost in unproductive activities that are not related to work. This helps employees to plan their day. Complete the work on time to avoid long working hours.


Improve Accountability

An employee monitoring software has a feature that indicates when an employee's computer has been inactive for a long period of time.

Other features such as screen recording, screenshots are also available.

Using good software, you can track the activities of everyone in the office, including those who work remotely.

During this time when employees are working remotely, an accountability tool like this is essential.


Automate the business activities

The employee monitoring software can add great value when integrated with other organizational software.

The flow of data from various software and generating and analyzing the reports in one place can help decision-makers.



Once you start using employee monitoring software, you will receive accurate and detailed reports. These reports provide proof of the employee's work. They provide valuable information about the status of the work, budget, resource cost, need of hiring, attendance, user activity analysis, etc

Customer trust

Security compliance is one of the major parameters each company takes care of. Employee monitoring software with the added feature of incident management will increase the trust level among customers especially when the team is working from home.

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