Why monitor?

Monitoring performance means checking it. Why should you need to monitor your team’s performance?

There are two main reasons, which are:

1. to prove

2. to improve

Proving means to show to your manager and to yourself that the team is doing what it is supposed to be doing. To improve means to find out any problems and put them right, or to identify things that could be done better.

‘Doing things better’ means being more effective (producing better quality goods and services) or being more efficient (producing them using fewer resources), or both. The starting point for both proving and improving is knowing what you should be doing. This is what the TeamOB helps, Making best use of your resources and Performing tasks effectively are all about.

The need of Team monitoring software for your remote team:

Is it really needed to use team monitoring software for your remote team? - And the answer is Yes. Being an employer, it is particularly difficult to manage team performance of the remote workforce. Because you cannot personally monitor the productivity of the remote team.

You cannot depend on your team to complete each day's task. And you cannot always trust your team members to work honestly and as seriously, which will cause effects in your company's productivity.


In such case, you need a team monitoring software to monitor your remote team and increase your productivity.

Reasons to use Team Monitoring Software for better productivity

Presents Clear Productivity Directives for a Remote Team

A team member has developed working habits in terms of the task management, communication, time allocation, along with personal relations, to increase company productivity, this can be managed.

But, introducing team monitoring software can cause a disturbance of these habits - that's why it’s very important for management to be open with their teams about using team monitoring software.


By setting clear goals for a team-wide productivity levels, this way, remote team worker knows what to do in an hour and a week. Placing deadlines and time stamps on specific tasks, you can know that your workers are prioritizing certain tasks when you want them to.

Team monitoring software can help you do this task management. Such software can be used as a tracking tool so that you can monitor how long it takes to complete a certain task. Tracking the average time taken on a task allows you to gradually reduce overuse and wasted time of the app. By Sharing this information with your team to get them aware of company productivity.

Remote Team Monitoring in Varied Time Zones

The Team Monitoring Software tool would be able to track the team members during their working hours. So, it would be easy for you to monitor when they appear online to work.

You can make time tracking software a need, and then you can easily see how many hours they spent working for you, even if they were on any location.


Project Management Tracking

Team monitoring software is a powerful tool to manage teams assigned tasks and to get it done on specific time period.


In short, using team monitoring software can be helpful to monitor money spent on wasted time. As even a very hard working team member cannot work for 9 hours without distractions. If you can notice, distractions can add up to about 1-2 hour a day and cut into team member productivity. To manage team member productivity, Team monitoring software is must introduce in your organization.

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