With remote work taking precedence over the last year and a half, there’s been plenty of room for the fluidity of work. However, with this day in and out subjecting oneself to remote working, it can be hard to ascertain one’s productivity and keeping a steady head on one’s shoulders trying to stay on top of deadlines and meeting them. In such a situation, mid-level to high-level enterprises opt to take the route of indulging their employees to get fast with the implementation and use of an attendance system for remote employees.

However, making a smooth transition in implementing this system for attendance management for remote teams is important so as not to create any fury among employees. Adjusting to even a small change in the way their work from home schedule functions needs to be taken with utmost precaution as a tip in their act of balance does infuriate employees, further causing an issue in the long run.

Here are four tips to help you introduce work from home attendance monitoring

Explain the Need to Implement a Time Tracking Tool or Attendance system for Employees

With many factors that affect one’s productivity throughout the day while on a work from home schedule, figuring out a common time for teams and managers to be able to contact and communicate needs without a gap in communication of information is extremely important. Figuring this out can help avoid a majority of the issues clients, teams, managers and employees face alike - keeping accountability when it comes to time taken to manage a task.


By explaining the need to implement this work from home attendance policy, one can avert major implementation-related issues and backlash from remote working employees.

By defining these clear business goals, it keeps everyone accountable to each other and the time it takes to deliver tasks as well.

Educate Employees Before Testing Out the Waters

If you are a project manager or team manager that handles a remote team of employees, it becomes your responsibility to define the final objective and the results expected out of these new changes you wish to implement. Once the remote working employees are accustomed to this new change, managers must ensure to educate them about each of the tools used within the attendance policy for remote employees through this system for Attendance management for remote teams.

Explaining to them the specifications of the tools and features used can avoid roadblocks in any process.


The motive for using these tools is to educate the employees about the importance of time management primarily and not monitoring. Train the employees about why time management is inherent to the growth of an organization and individual growth as well.

Elucidate How It Will be a Rewarding Experience All in All

Adopting any new technology into the framework of an organization; whether a small, medium or large one has its challenges. These challenges can vary from the lack of one being tech-savvy or due to resistance to adopting these technological changes. Reiterating the ‘whys’ - Simon Sinek’s golden circle of focusing on ‘why, how & what’ can come in very handy in handling these challenges. Explaining the work from home attendance format and how using a time and productivity tracker could naturally increase productivity should make the implementation of this new software smooth.


Highlighting the features that would be most beneficial for individuals as well as overall organization level growth and creating a reward plan in place as a positive reinforcement for keeping up the productivity levels could entice employees to adopt and adapt to these new changes.

Ensure to Test the Product Through the Onboarding Process

If you are regularly hiring remote workers for your organization, then testing out this software systematically through the onboarding process can smooth out the kinks of implementing the software, company-wide. Once the remote workers understand the plethora of benefits of making use of and installing an attendance system for employees, they can determine the best practices for having a good user experience for the technology.

How will Having Attendance management for remote teams Benefit Your Organization as a Whole?

It’ll give you a real-time dashboard wherein you can view different schematics

As a manager, you can check the presence report of your teammates, just about any time and anywhere.


You can easily access easy visual reports to compare the work time per task, their active periods and the idle periods during working hours.

Easy access to create excel reports regarding work-time management for each task and ascertain the productivity levels.

You can as a manager also schedule reports to be mailed to your inbox at particular times of the day. Receive work from home attendance email at your fingertips.

All of these will create a favourable working environment for employees and managers alike. Learn more about the software by going with our free trial program and determine how useful this software may be for your local or global team today!

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